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    • swaroops

      First of all calling all Muslims a terrorist is completely not fair. Then Hitler who was a baptized catholic christian can also be used to stain Christianity. In every country there is a rapist , murderer , robber, terrorist or you can say a rebel but that does not make the country a bad country similarly these days ignorance have just been bullying muslims. I am an Indian where the country is regarded has one of the largest democratic country and here we have Hindhus , Christians, Muslims, Jews, budhist and so on and we all live in peace amongst each other.Its not like we don’t have attacks etc but it has nothing to do with religion. Its completely to do with a individual and no one else. Religion is a guideline created for Humans to enjoy a peaceful and decent life. If you don’t want a peaceful decent life you can well be doing what ever you want and no body will be stopping you but doing what ever you want should not be linked to the religion because religion has no super power where it can control individual choices and behavior. Lets just say there are a lot of bad people in this world and if we put our heads and mind into it we can help one and other and live a happy life. Sharing is caring and helping one hand can help thousands of other hand.

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