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    13 Products That Are Slightly Weird But Get The Job Done

    Weird but functional!

    1. This onion hair oil that helps in hair growth and reducing hair fall. And no, it does not smell like onions - ₹399

    2. This sock dock that keeps your socks together in the washing machine so they don’t magically just disappear - ₹349

    3. This cleaning jelly that will remove the last traces of crumbs from your keyboard, and is also really fun to use - ₹349

    A collage showing that the cleaning jelly can be used to clean clocks, fans, cameras, appliances, surfaces, etc

    4. This facial vacuum that cleans your pores, extracts pimples and gets rid of dirt and other impurities - ₹399

    5. These fluffy mop slippers that basically clean the house for you as you walk with no extra effort - ₹347

    6. Or this blanket hoodie that comes with sleeves, so you never have to compromise on being warm when you’re reading - ₹5,013

    Navy blue fleece blanket with sleeves.

    7. This chair cushion so you still look ✨professional✨ when you attend your video meetings from bed - ₹2,499

    Woman sitting in a chair-shaped cushion on her bed

    8. This brass key tool so you can open doors and press lift buttons without having to reach for your sanitiser every five minutes - ₹349

    9. This travel pillow with a hood that might get you a couple of odd stares but the good part is that you can use the hood to block off the haters - ₹299

    10. This tiny but mighty Angry Mkama microwave cleaner that gets your microwave looking spic and span with just a little water and vinegar - ₹249

    11. This bubbling face mask that not only cleanses your pores and removes blackheads, but is also just a joy to use - ₹649

    12. Or this exfoliating foot mask that peels all your old dead skin off, leaving you with baby soft feet in just a week - ₹552

    13. And finally, this skull decanter bottle that will make your drinks look a thousand times cooler - ₹880

    A skull shaped decanter with a drink in it