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    23 Sustainable Products For People Whose Resolution Is To Be More Eco-Friendly

    Give your life a sustainable makeover, one product at a time.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This set of microwave-safe unbreakable dinner plates that are made from wheat straw and are biodegradable - ₹3,578 for a set of 4

    Pink dinner plates.

    Get them here.

    2. This reusable, portable grocery shopping bag that you can easily store and keep in your handbag or backpack at all times - ₹139

    Get it here.

    3. This make-up eraser cloth that works like magic and will reduce the number of cotton pads you use - ₹699

    Get it here.

    4. These organic beeswax wrap sheets that you can use to wrap leftover food, instead of using plastic cellophane sheets - ₹499

    Get the set of three here.

    5. These collapsible storage containers that you can carry with you when you eat out and avoid using plastic boxes to pack your leftovers - ₹449

    Red, blue and green collapsible containers.

    Get the set of three containers here.

    6. These bamboo toothbrushes so your whole family can move one small step closer towards an eco-friendly life - ₹274

    Get them here.

    7. This silicone tea infuser so you can switch to loose tea leaves and stop throwing out teabag after teabag - ₹249

    Green silicone tea infuser.

    Get it here.

    8. These set of 20 reusable bamboo kitchen towels that will replace six months' worth of paper towels - ₹249

    Get them here.

    9. This insulated keep cup so you can carry your own coffee everywhere and not only reduce using paper cups but also save a lot of cash - ₹649

    Gold keep cup with a black lid.

    Get it here.

    10. These solid shampoo and conditioner bars come in plastic-free packaging and will last you a really long time.,

    Get the shampoo bar here for ₹495 and the conditioner bar here for ₹485.

    11. This collapsible silicone water bottle that you can easily fit in your bag instead of buying plastic bottles - ₹449

    Orange silicone bottle.

    Get it here.

    12. These reusable 3-layer face masks that you can wash and use up to 30 times - ₹349

    Get the set of four here.

    13. This smart notebook that you can wipe clean and use again once all the pages are filled - ₹999

    Get the A5 notebook here.

    14. These reusable straws which will not only reduce your plastic consumption but also make sure you never run out of straws - ₹199 for a set of 4

    Blue, yellow, pink and light blue straws.

    Get them here.

    15. These soap dishes that dry themselves and will not break if you accidentally drop them - ₹299 for a set of 3

    Blue soap on a blue silicone dish with a person washing their hands in the background.

    Get them here.

    16. These silicone lids fit over all different shapes of containers so you don’t have to transfer your leftovers to a different dish. They also help to keep the food fresh for longer - ₹289 for 6

    Silicone lids covering various shapes of containers and fruits like watermelons, a packet of yoghurt, and a cup.

    Get them here.

    17. This menstrual cup that you only need to empty once every 10-12 hours and will last you up to ten years - ₹269

    Pink silicone menstrual cup with a cloth pouch.

    Get it here.

    18. These silicone dishwashing gloves that have bristles on them so you won’t need to buy a sponge to wash your dishes - ₹289

    Person doing the dishes with the silicone gloves.

    Get them here.

    19. Or if you don’t like wearing gloves while doing the dishes, you might wanna check out these silicone brushes that will last a lot longer than a regular dish sponge 🧽- ₹210 for a set of 2

    Blue silicone brush being washed in the sink under a running tap.

    Get them here.

    20. These anti-slip heat resistant table mats so you don’t ruin your table bringing the pan straight from the stove - ₹450 for a set of 4

    Teapot standing on the silicone mat on a table with the other silicone mats in front of it.

    Get them here.

    21. This bread mould that is non-stick and doesn’t need a baking sheet every time you want to make a fresh loaf - ₹299

    Get it here.

    22. These silicone food storage pouches that not only keep your food fresh longer but are also microwave-safe and take up very little space in the fridge - ₹849 for a set of 5

    Get them here.

    23. And finally these reusable non-stick silicone baking sheets so you don’t need to worry about whether you have baking sheets every time you want to make a fresh batch of cookies - ₹899 for a set of two.

    A person making macaroons on the baking sheet.

    Get them here.