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    14 Space-Saving Pieces Of Furniture To Make The Most Of Your Small Home

    It doesn’t matter how much space you have, what matters is how you use it.

    1. This 3-seater sofa that you can turn into a bed at night, which makes it perfect for smaller homes or studio apartments - ₹16,853

    2. If you’re living with roommates, a bunk bed is a great way to create more space in your room - ₹11,999

    3. If your storage space is limited, you can get this bed with additional storage space to store linens, clothes, or books when you don’t need them - ₹13,999

    4. This coffee table made from sheesham wood, with pull-out chairs that you can use when guests come over - ₹12,999

    5. This wall mirror that doubles as a dressing table will save you a lot of space in the bedroom - ₹5,999

    6. Use this ironing mat which you can fold and put away instead of a normal ironing board to save extra space - ₹799

    7. This 3-door shoe rack with a bench that you can sit on while putting on your shoes, thus saving space on an additional stool - ₹5,999

    8. Make the most of your washroom by utilising this 4-tier toilet storage rack to store shower essentials, towels, toilet paper, and more - ₹6,141

    9. This bathroom mirror cabinet is also a great way to create extra storage without cramming up your bathroom - ₹1,699

    10. This study/work table with shelves and cabinets that has enough storage to fit all your books, stationery, and files - ₹5,999

    11. If your home doesn’t have enough space for a study table, this foldable portable laptop table is a great substitute - ₹849

    12. This set of two wall shelves that fit in corners, take up very little space, and also add an interesting design to your house - ₹1,749

    13. It’s quite difficult to accommodate guests overnight in smaller homes, but this inflatable chair bed will do the trick - ₹3,995

    14. And finally, this multifunctional ottoman will serve many purposes in your household - as a footrest, an extra seat if you have company, and most importantly, as an extra storage compartment - ₹1,299