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    16 Products That Will Make You And Your Pet Very Happy

    We’re pawsitive you’ll wuff these. 🐾

    1. This reusable pet hair removing brush that will keep your home and clothes clean even if your pet sheds fur ALL the freakin’ time - ₹375

    A collage showing how to use the brush to clean animal air from different surfaces.

    2. This catch the mouse toy that will keep your cat active and entertained for hours - ₹330

    3. This bandana so you can dress up your furry friends if they have a birthday coming up - ₹430

    A dog wearing a bandana that says 'Happy Birthday'

    4. This pet stain and odour remover that will help you clean the mess if your pet’s had a little pee/poo accident in the house - ₹600 for 500ml

    5. This grooming glove that makes combing off shedding hair super easy, and also massages your pet, so it’s a win-win situation - ₹220

    6. This wood polish to hide all those scratch marks on your bed - ₹320

    7. This plush toy for puppies that experience anxiety and just want a toy to sleep with/cuddle. This one’s is a toughie, and will stay put no matter how much your furry friend tries to chew it apart - ₹713

    8. Speaking of durable toys, this spiked rubber ball will withstand all kinds of destruction from your doggo, and it also helps teething puppies - ₹170

    9. This scratch pad that will keep your cat happy and the furniture in your house safe - ₹425

    10. This pet booster seat so that your good boy/girl is as safe and comfy as they can be when you take them out for drives - ₹5,568

    Dog sitting in the booster seat.

    11. This kitten tree so they can spend their time exploring and playing on it instead of climbing on you right in the middle of an important work video call - ₹2,999

    12. This best-selling portable water bowl so that your dog can run around all it wants without getting dehydrated - ₹299

    Corgi drinking from the dog water bowl bottle.

    13. These chew toys for dogs that help release anxiety, protect and keep your pet's teeth and gums clean, and are super durable and will last you forever - ₹299

    Carrot and bone rope toys.

    14. This fine comb that will help in removing all those ticks and fleas that are troubling your pet and will also keep their furry coat silky smooth - ₹319

    15. This reversible pet bed that’s probably more comfortable to sleep in than your own bed - ₹448

    Maroon bed with beige centre.

    16. These chicken and peanut butter flavoured pet cookies so that you don’t need to feel bad when your dog gives you the puppy eyes every time you’re enjoying a chocolate snack and can’t share it with them - ₹215 for 1kg

    Your pet after you spoil them with all these treats