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    16 Practical Products That Will Give You Your Money’s Worth

    Worth every rupee.

    1. This weekly tray pill organiser so you can stock up your vitamins and medicines a week in advance and not use laziness as an excuse to miss out on your meds - ₹299

    2. These bra strap clips that can easily turn your regular bra into a racer back bra and keep your straps from showing - ₹169

    3. These adhesive cable clippers that you can stick on your desk, bed or car, and never have to spend time looking for your charger cables again - ₹249 for a pack of 6

    Multicoloured cable clippers attached to a desk

    4. Ditch the stove with this microwave rice cooker that can get your rice ready in 12 minutes - ₹779

    5. This silicone makeup brush cleaning pad that sticks to your sink and deep cleans your brushes by removing all makeup residue, and leaves them looking as good as new - ₹220

    A person using the brush cleaning pad to clean a narrow brush

    6. This fabric roll-on mosquito repellent that you can just apply on your clothes and keep mosquitoes at bay. No more toxic chemical creams and lotions on your skin, and no insects to worry about either! - ₹86

    7. This anti-chafing roll-on stick so you don’t have to deal with rashes every time you step out in a dress - ₹399

    8. These unisex underarm sweat pads will definitely come handy if you sweat excessively, and save you from a bunch of embarrassing moments - ₹269 for 24 pads

    9. This suction cup shower foot stand so you don’t have to get in an awkwardly uncomfortable position every time you’re trying to shave your legs in the shower - ₹579

    Person resting their foot on the foot rest and shaving their legs

    10. This privacy-protecting tempered glass for the iPhone 11 Pro, for those of you who are tired of other people always peeping into your phone - ₹899

    The phone screen with tempered glass displayed just above it

    11. These bedsheet suspenders so you don’t have to spend time fixing up your bed EVERY SINGLE morning - ₹499 for a set of 4

    12. These bag sealing clips if you’re never too hungry to finish the entire packet of chips but feel too guilty to let them go to waste - ₹148 for a set of 18

    13. These picture hanging strips because most of us are living in apartments and ruining the walls with hooks and nails is just going to take extra cash from our deposits, and no one wants that - ₹179 for 4 pairs

    A person attaching the hanging strip to the back of a frame

    14. This bedside caddy for all you scatterbrains who always misplace your remotes, phones and chargers. Now they’re all going to be in one place and within arms reach - ₹399

    White bedside caddy attached to a bed

    15. These silicone heel cushions that will make walking in uncomfortable heels all day a tad bit easier - ₹199 for a pair

    16. And finally, if you’re lazy AF in life but also want to get into the habit of journaling, then this One Line A Day - 5-year journal is the perfect way to document your days and have something to look back at in the future - ₹878