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    15 Incredibly Easy-To-Use Kitchen Products For Lazy Cooks

    There's no excuse not to cook now.

    1. This vegetable chopper for those of you who hate cutting your veggies - ₹229

    2. Forget the hassle of boiling your eggs in a pan with this super simple egg boiler - ₹999

    3. This jumbo sandwich grill fits 4 slices of bread, and is non-sticky, so you won't have a lot of trouble cleaning it later - ₹3,089

    4. Coffee lovers are going to go crazy over this smart coffee maker that is operated through an app, and doubles as a mug so there's one less thing to clean - ₹6,499

    5. Love freshly made bread but hate the process of making it? Then this automatic bread maker is just the product for you - ₹6,920

    6. These silicone kitchen utensils that are non-sticky, easy to clean, and just look more interesting that steel and wooden utensils - ₹1,099

    7. This multi-functioning electric cooker than can make rice as well as stir fry veggies or meat - ₹4,650

    8. This super sharp ceramic knife will save you a lot of time cutting in the kitchen - ₹499

    9. If you love crispy food, then this air fryer will make the task of frying your food so much easier - ₹5,845

    10. This over-the-sink strainer that makes the task of washing your vegetables so much easier and faster - ₹529

    11. This pan with multiple compartments so you can cook multiple things at once - ₹501

    12. This corn peeler that makes almost no mess, and also takes no time at all to strip the corn - ₹229

    13. This egg white and yolk separator that just makes baking so much easier and cleaner - ₹220

    14. This garbage bag holder which you can attach anywhere you like, and throw the kitchen waste as and when you're cooking - ₹285

    15. And finally, these silicone oven mitts that are easier to put on and much, much easier to clean - ₹249