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    17 Products That Basically Do All The Work For You

    Take a seat, relax, and let these products get to work.

    1. This smart coffee maker that can be operated through an app and make you a cup of delicious hot coffee first thing in the morning before you’re even out of bed - ₹6,499

    2. This peeling foot mask that you just need to leave on your feet for an hour, and the dead skin peels itself off in a week - ₹605

    3. This phone and tablet holder you can attach to your bed and table so you can read and watch films without straining your arm - ₹729

    4. This jar opener that effortlessly loosens even the toughest jars that you’d otherwise be struggling to open for the longest time - ₹247

    5. This smart indoor garden that grows your plants for you! All you need to do is refill the water every two weeks - ₹8,999

    6. This electric facial brush that cleanses and massages your face with the push of a button and removes dirt, oil, makeup and unclogs your pores in the process - ₹749

    7. These overnight acne clarifying spot patch kits that help to suck out all the gunk and pus from your pimples and help your skin heal faster - ₹672

    8. This t-shirt folder that folds your tees in six simple steps, so your laundry actually ends up in your closet instead of living on ‘The Chair’ - ₹699

    9. This Buzzfeed India readers favourite vegetable chopper with over 50,000 reviews on Amazon which takes care of all the kitchen prep work that you don’t want to deal with for you - ₹289

    10. This water flosser that cleans all the gunk out of your teeth and mouth, even in the hardest to reach spots - ₹2,300

    11. This Echo Dot speaker that can play music and control your home appliances through voice controls - ₹3,499

    12. This water bottle with a time tracker that will remind you to stay hydrated even if you forget - ₹699

    13. This pet food dispenser with automatic gravity supply that will keep your pets bowl full without you physically having to fill it yourself every time - ₹599

    14. This egg boiler with 3 different modes that gets your protein-packed breakfast ready with just the touch of a button - ₹1,243

    15. These no-tie elastic laces for people who love wearing shoes but hate having to tie their laces every damn time - ₹299

    16. This dual eyeliner with a wing stamp so you can get the perfect winged eyeliner look every time without even trying - ₹195

    17. And finally, this instant pot which is every lazy cook's dream come true. Not only does it whip up some delicious meals, but also leaves you with fewer dishes to clean up after - ₹7,250