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    13 Products For People Who Want To Experiment With Their Hair At Home

    Just some things you need if you’re at the ‘change your hair’ stage of quarantine.

    1. This ammonia-free dark brown hair colour for people who want to experiment with their look but don’t want to go too crazy and make any drastic changes - ₹467

    2. Or this semi-permanent purple hair colour for people who want to go out and channel their quirky personality through their hair - ₹364

    3. This clip-on fringe for anyone who’s always wondered how they’d look like with bangs but couldn’t get themselves to actually cut their hair - ₹289

    4. These hair extensions for girls who like the way long hair looks on them but don’t really have the patience to grow and take care of it - ₹399

    5. Or this short wig for people who wanna try the whole “short hair don’t care” look but don’t have the heart to chop their long locks off - ₹948

    Short straight wig with bangs.

    6. These hair cutting scissors for people who do actually want to cut their hair but are still sceptical of going to the salon - ₹599 for a set of two

    7. This hair curler with temperature control so you can regulate the amount of heat your hair is exposed to - ₹2,131

    White and turquoise blue hair curler.

    8. Or this barrel curling iron so you can perfect those beach waves before you can finally travel and go on your next vacation - ₹5,099

    9. Or if you want to curl your hair without heat, you could try out these foam rollers that you can leave on overnight and wake up with natural-looking curls - ₹426 for a set of 42

    Multicoloured foam rollers in a bag.

    10. This pearl studded pink headband so you can channel your inner Blair Waldorf - ₹264

    11. These catch clips so you jazz up your plain top bun look and give it some personality - ₹399 for a pack of 6

    Shell, heart and star shaped gold catch clips.

    12. This hair holding clay so you can try experimenting with different hairstyles, spikes and partitions in the comfort of your own home and figure out what look works best for you - ₹495

    13. And finally, these braid tools so you can learn to French braid your hair on your own in no time - ₹85