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    13 Products For People Who Are Always Late

    If "running behind" is your idea of a workout, this list is for you.

    1. This might be a little obvious, but a watch will remind you to be more on-time, and what better than this stunning Fossil piece - ₹5,596

    2. This extremely loud alarm clock that will get you out of bed in no time - ₹549

    3. This portable coffee maker that can be operated through an app - ₹6,499

    4. This multifunctional sandwich maker will save you time while making breakfast - ₹7,842

    5. This mug that might justify your behaviour a little - ₹299

    6. This moisturising sunscreen so you can finish your morning skin care routine in one go - ₹696

    7. This sketch pen eyeliner so you won’t waste time getting the perfect wing - ₹294

    8. This power bank so that you never have to spend time waiting for your phone to charge - ₹1,099

    9. This white board sheet so you can plan your day and stick to it and stay punctual - ₹369

    10. This portable facial hair remover so you can skip the salon and save time - ₹474

    11. This backpack with compartments so you don’t spend unnecessary time searching for your stuff - ₹829

    12. This dry shampoo for when you don’t have the time to take a shower - ₹440

    13. And finally, these slip-on shoes will save you precious time by avoiding tying laces - ₹699-₹799