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    19 Products That Will Change Your Life For The Better If You Live Alone

    Welcome to the real world! It sucks, you’re going to love it.

    1. This multi pot with twelve programmable meal options that is designed keeping lazy cooks in mind - ₹7,899

    2. This video doorbell lets you see who’s ringing the bell and puts your mind at ease so you don’t have to sleep with one eye open all the time - ₹4,650

    3. Speaking of food, these sealable storage bags for your fruits and vegetables that keep them fresh for longer - ₹319

    4. This fridge memo pad so you don’t have miss out on buying any groceries and have to take three trips to the store instead of one - ₹199

    5. This Kindle e-reader that can store thousands of books and will keep you entertained for hours on end for those weekends where you have nothing planned - ₹12,999

    6. This sustainable and reusable menstrual cup so you don't panic when you have no roommate to borrow a tampon from when Aunt Flo pays an unexpected visit - ₹274

    7. This microwave rice cooker for those days when you’re just not in the mood to cook and want a quick and easy meal fix - ₹359

    8. This clothes folder so that your clothes actually reach your closet and not just end up in a pile on your bed - ₹699

    9. This DIY toolkit so you don’t have to rely on anyone to fix all the little problems in your house - ₹3,978

    10. This storage ottoman that creates some extra space for your stuff if you live in a smaller home, and also gives you a place to hide the mess in your living room when you get an unexpected visitor - ₹699

    A blue ottoman with blankets and books stored in it

    11. These beer/wine stoppers so your leftover wines and beers don’t go to waste - ₹399

    12. These bag sealing clips that BuzzFeed readers are obsessed with will keep your favourite munchies fresh for days if you can’t finish them in one go - ₹54 for a set of 18

    A woman using the clips to seal bags of fruit

    13. This body pillow so that you don’t miss cuddling with your loved ones even if you stay on your own - ₹619

    14. This jar opener because living alone means having no roommate or sibling to rely on to help you open those extra stubborn jars and bottles - ₹249

    15. These meal-prep containers so you can get your food for the week ready over the weekend and not worry about what you’re going to eat for dinner every night of the week - ₹1,099

    16. These silicone food covers that fit most containers and make storing leftover food easy - ₹260 for a set of 6

    17. This spaghetti measure so you don’t end up making way more pasta than necessary that you'll never be able to finish - ₹1,898

    18. This Echo Dot speaker with Alexa so you can have someone to talk to, play music for you and even instruct to switch off your lights and other smart appliances - ₹3,499

    19. And finally, this bedside caddy where you can store your remotes, phones, chargers and books and not have to get up every time you need to get something, considering you have no one else to ask to get it for you - ₹590

    A laptop, notebook, phone, remote, power bank, toy, pair of sunglasses and cables kept in the caddy.