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    26 Products That Deserve An Award For All The Problems They Solve

    And the Oscar for best jar opener goes to…

    1. These charcoal air purifying sachets that keep your gym shoes, closets and cars smelling fresh - ₹255

    2. These facial razors that will be a life saver the next time you need a quick eyebrow fix but don’t have time to visit the salon - ₹245 for a set of three

    3. This menstrual cup that is sustainable and will eliminate the need to worry about running out of pads - ₹347

    4. This detangling brush that will remove all the knots from your hair without leaving you in tears - ₹249

    5. Or this beard bib so your sink doesn’t turn into a hot mess every time you shave - ₹399

    Man shaving his beard wearing the bib that sticks on the mirror with suction cups, catching the shavings in it

    6. These lazy glasses so you can binge Netflix or read a book without straining your neck - ₹499

    Person lying down and watching tv while wearing the lazy glasses

    7. This set of cute mask chains for anyone who doesn’t know what to do with their masks when they’re not wearing them - ₹399 for a set of four

    Multicoloured beaded mask chains

    8. And this nail polish ring holder so you’re not awkwardly balancing the bottle and the brush in your hand - ₹99

    Person applying nail polish on their toenails while holding the bottle in the ring holder

    9. This cute head wrap that will keep your hair out of your face during your nighttime skincare routine - ₹142

    Pink head wrap with polka dots and a bow

    10. This electric heating pad that’s going to be your BFF during your next period - ₹249

    11. These vinyl label stickers so you can mark each box and container in your house and easily find what you need without turning the house upside down - ₹129 for 108 pieces

    Bottles and jars of olives, oil, peanut butter and sauce labelled with the stickers

    12. This toothpaste roller, so you squeeze every last bit of your toothpaste out and not waste even a drop - ₹385

    Toothpaste roller attached to the tube of toothpaste

    13. This mug warmer for people who get so caught up with work and have to brew a whole new cup, because no one likes stale coffee - ₹1,299

    Some tea in a mug placed on the warmer

    14. This laundry sock dock so that all your socks are in one place and you don’t end up ~magically~ losing socks in the washing machine - ₹349

    A woman putting the sock dock filled with socks into the washing machine

    15. These cable organisers that will keep all your chargers and wires in place, especially now since you’re working from home and have more gadgets to work with - ₹399

    16. This fabric stain remover that cleans out mud, sauce and blood stains, so you never have to deal with an embarrassing situation every time Aunt Flo pays an unexpected visit - ₹49

    17. And these blemish patches that absorb the pus and dirt from your pimples and make them heal faster with a lesser risk of getting infected - ₹327 for one sheet

    18. This jar opener that will help you open even the toughest jars without having to call your flatmates/parents to help you - ₹249

    19. This stapleless stapler that binds up to ten pages together. Now you never have to worry about running out of staples again - ₹1,153

    20. This motion sensor night light so you don’t accidentally bump into anything when you’re walking half-awake to the bathroom in the middle of the night - ₹699

    21. These space savers for people who are always struggling to fit all their food in the fridge - ₹219 for a set of four

    Space savers attached to the shelves of the fridge

    22. This honeycomb organiser that will keep your socks, belts and underwear organised so you don’t have to turn your cupboard upside down trying to find a clean pair of socks - ₹249

    23. These reusable liners that will save you so much time and effort when you’re cleaning your fridge - ₹179 for a set of 6

    Some vegetables and a bottle of soda on the fridge placed on the liners

    24. This long cleaning brush so the task of cleaning and getting out stains from the insides of your bottles becomes less of a pain - ₹189

    25. This hanging garbage bin so you can effortlessly clean kitchen scraps as you cook and save time cleaning the kitchen later - ₹309

    Person throwing some food bits into the trash bin that’s attached to the countertop

    26. These bed sheet grippers, because let’s face it, we’re spending most of our time in bed these days and having to adjust the bed sheet all the time can get annoying - ₹499