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    28 Home Organisation Products That Are Worth Every Rupee

    Get your money's worth, and then some.

    1. These adorable refrigerator cotton produce baggies with prints that make it easy to find the veggies you need in the fridge - ₹690

    2. This set of 12 transparent kitchen storage containers so you can easily store (and SEE) all your cereals, grains and pulses - ₹999

    3. This 12 plastic storage closet that you can assemble all together or individually, and use it to store toys, books, clothes or shoes - ₹3,499

    Red storage boxes with clear plastic doors.

    4. This set of 6 box organisers that you can use in your drawers or closets to store lingerie, stationery, bathroom products and more - ₹599

    5. These 5 layer hangers for people who have too many clothes and not nearly enough closet space to hang all their favourite pieces - ₹329

    6. This sink caddy, so your kitchen cleaning tools are neatly organised, and don’t add to the already existing mess - ₹275

    7. This honeycomb drawer divider that’s perfect for storing your socks, underwear and belts. Now you’ll never have to run around the house searching for a clean pair of socks again - ₹249 for a pack of 8 pieces

    Pink honeycomb storage unit.

    8. This garment rack is a lifesaver for people who don’t have a big closet in their rooms. You can plan your outfits in advance and hang them here - ₹2,349

    9. These plastic storage containers that are durable and water-resistant and will come very handy in your bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms - ₹349 for a set of 3

    Brown plastic storage bins with lids.

    10. This set of 5 vacuum storage bags that you can use to store the clothes you don’t use frequently, like sweaters, coats, and extra blankets - ₹769

    11. These microwave friendly silicone containers that you can use to store your food. They are reusable and compact, and they take up lesser space in your fridge than a regular container - ₹849 for a set of 4

    Multicoloured silicone storage bags.

    12. This set of 6 closet organisers that’s every neat freak's dream come true and will create a lot of extra room in your closet - ₹790

    13. This T-shirt folder that makes the annoying job of folding your clothes so much easier - ₹699

    14. This jewellery box so all your favourite trinkets and accessories have a place of their own - ₹499

    15. This bedside caddy so you can keep your remotes, books, cables and chargers organised AND actually have space on your bed to sleep comfortably- ₹490

    Grey bedside caddy with compartments.

    16. These saree organisers that would make the perfect gift for your saree-obsessed mom - ₹349

    17. This floating bookshelf for anyone who wants to flaunt their massive book collection in a unique ~Howard’s-y~ way - ₹599

    18. This lipstick organiser for people who own more lipsticks than they can count - ₹222

    19. These cable organisers for your wires that will not only make your desk look so much neater, but they’ll also keep your wires from getting all tangled up and breaking - ₹349

    20. This bathroom organiser with space for your toothbrushes and all your skincare essentials - ₹549

    21. These vinyl stickers for labelling all your kitchen jars and storage containers that make it easier to find stuff, instead of opening them one by one - ₹249

    White peel off stickers.

    22. This sleek and elegant vanity tray to hold all your perfumes, makeup and hair products - ₹599

    Black tray with handles on two sides.

    23. This 6-pocket plastic handbag organiser that will keep your bags safe, especially since you’re spending most of your time at home now and not using them - ₹299

    24. These fridge organisers with handles that make it easy to pull them out of the fridge when needed. They are clear too, so you can easily see what’s stored inside each container - ₹899

    Transparent containers with handles.

    25. This medicine organiser so you can organise your pills for the week and don’t accidentally skip out on taking your meds - ₹499

    Medicine organiser with day of the week markers for different containers.

    26. This handbag organiser is handy for people who use a lot of different bags and hate having to rearrange their things each time they change it - ₹299

    27. This 4-layer rack for your kitchen that creates a lot of extra storage space for all your spices, condiments and other food - ₹799

    White four tiered shelf.

    28. This broom and mop holder so that even your cleaning tools have a special pace of their own - ₹499

    Adhesive wall mop holder with hooks.