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    17 Products You Need If You Want Everything In Your House To Smell Amazing

    These will be the scent-er of attention in your house.

    1. This long lasting lemon grass air freshener spray that you can use on fabrics, in closets and other surfaces - ₹209

    2. If you like lemon grass, you’ll also love this ceramic pot reed diffuser that has a very mild but pleasant fragrance - ₹385

    3. This moisture absorber that can be placed in bathrooms, closets and bedrooms and helps fight mouldy and musty smells - ₹189

    4. This diffuser which you can fill with different essential oils will leave any room smelling like a garden - ₹899

    5. And this pack of 9 aroma oils in flavours like peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender to go along with the diffuser - ₹499

    6. This fabric freshener will give a pleasant fragrance to your sofas, carpets, and curtains if the smell of fresh laundry is your favourite fragrance - ₹479

    7. This air purifying plant will keep the air in your home clean and rid it of any unpleasant odours - ₹699

    A fern in a brown pot

    8. This lavender-scented potpourri doesn't just look as pretty as a picture but also makes your home smell great - ₹125

    9. These scented candles with fragrances of rose, lavender, vanilla and jasmine are a foolproof way of making your home smell amazing - ₹699

    10. This automatic air freshener with summery notes of vanilla, white flowers and melon that has customisable intensity and frequency settings - ₹479

    11. Or this classic old school air freshener with a lavender fragrance that gets the job done quickly and efficiently - ₹245

    12. This coffee scented candle that will have your house smelling like a café 👏🏽 all 👏🏽 the 👏🏽 time. Literally every caffeine addict's dream come true - ₹209

    13. These citronella incense sticks that have a warm woody fragrance and act as insect repellents - ₹235

    14. Pet owners, you need to check out this urine odour removal spray that takes care of funky smells AND stains - ₹600

    15. Say goodbye to smelly shoes with these footwear deodorisers, especially since you’ve been working out at home during lockdown - ₹399

    16. Put these fragrance pockets in your cupboards and wardrobes to keep them smelling fresh and pleasant - ₹111

    17. And finally, these fragrance sachets that you can just hang in the bathroom to keep it smelling fresh AF - ₹250