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    20 Kitchen Products That Are Just Really, Really Good At Their Jobs

    These will do most of the hard work, so you don’t have to.

    1. This garlic crusher for people who love using garlic in every meal but hate having to deal with the whole process of chopping it up - ₹238

    Garlic minced with the crusher transferred into a white ceramic bowl.

    2. This dish drying rack that is designed to neatly hold all your plates, mugs and cutlery - ₹1,289

    Plates and crockery arranged on the drying rack.

    3. This silicone sink catcher so you don’t end up clogging your drain with food and have to call the plumber to fix it - ₹159

    Blue star shaped sink catcher.

    4. This 9-in-1 instant pot that not only whips up some delicious meals with the press of a button but also cooks it all in one place so you have lesser dishes to wash later - ₹6,660

    5. These washable and reusable kitchen wipes that are better for the environment AND easier on your wallet - ₹199

    6. This long cleaning brush with an ergonomic design that gets the innermost nooks of your bottles clean in seconds - ₹170

    7. These grill pan scrapers that can easily clean up your cast iron pans without having to soak them in water first - ₹589

    8. These measuring cups so that you don’t accidentally mess up your dish while following a recipe - ₹199

    9. This pineapple cutter for people who love pineapples but just can’t deal with the whole fuss of cleaning them. This cutter peels, cores and slices your fruit in 30 seconds - ₹299

    10. This watermelon slicer that makes eating everyone’s favourite summer fruit so much easier 🍉🍉 - ₹399

    This is the only way you’re going to be slicing your watermelons now -

    11. This salad spinner so all your leafy veggies stay dry and fresh for as long as possible and you don’t end up eating wilted, soggy salads - ₹563

    12. This adorable angry mama microwave cleaner that just needs a little water, lime juice and vinegar to clean and disinfect your microwave in seconds - ₹248

    13. This blender to make smoothies and juices that you can drink right from the jar - ₹1,999

    14. These heat resistant silicone oven mitts that are so much easier to clean and maintain than regular oven mittens. Just rinse them in water and they’ll look as good as new - ₹449

    A person lifting a hot lid with the silicone mitten on.

    15. This power kitchen cleaner so your counters, sinks, stove tops and cabinets look and smell fresh - ₹136

    16. This vegetable chopper with over 1,00,000 reviews that’s become SO popular, even my grandma called me up and asked me to buy one for her - ₹251

    17. This reusable non-stick silicone baking mat that will save you both money and the time you would otherwise spend scrubbing the baking tray - ₹990

    18. These herb scissors that will ~chop~ your cutting work in half - ₹299

    19. This silicone pot cover so you don’t have to spend unnecessary time cleaning the kitchen counters in case you accidentally forget about milk boiling on the stove 🥵 - ₹399

    20. This electric hand mixer with 7 different speed modes, so you don’t tire your arm trying out new baking experiments - ₹649