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16 Gorgeous Ceramic Serveware Pieces You’ll Want For Your Kitchen

Serveware so pretty you’ll almost feel guilty to use it.

1. These quirky hand painted bowls that are great for serving snacks when you have guests over - ₹749

Ceramic bowls with hand painted hut designs on them.

2. And this set of two mugs that have the same artsy vibe and will go perfectly with the bowls above - ₹695

Hand painted ceramic mugs with house drawings on them.

3. Or these hand painted serving plates that are more sophisticated but still bright and colourful - ₹909 for a set of two

Blue serving plates with a white pattern on them.

4. These microwave safe bowls that can be used to serve individual portions or rice or gravies - ₹825

5. This hand-glazed ceramic bowl with a cane handle and an ombré design that can be used to serve pulao and biryani - ₹1,184

Ceramic bowl with some peas pulao in it.

6. This set of 6 microwave friendly ceramic serving bowls that are sleek, elegant and super minimalistic - ₹999

7. This set of six colourful mugs that you can use to drink tea or coffee on an everyday basis - ₹335

8. And these fancy glossy ceramic cups that you can bring out when you have important guests over - ₹299

9. These mini ceramic jars that come with spoons and a tray and are ideal for storing and serving pickles and chutneys - ₹1,299

Ceramic jars with wooden lids and a wooden tray.

10. This adorable ceramic stand with a floral design that you can use to store napkins, utensils and cutlery on your dining table - ₹359

11. These bright yellow ceramic jars that are so pretty they can honestly pass off as home decor (but are also great for storing cookies) - ₹382 for a set of two

12. This set of 7 ceramic jars of different sizes that can be used to store masalas, seasonings and pickles - ₹385

Brown and white ceramic mini jars.

13. And this matching oil dispenser to go with the masala jars that will make your kitchen look super put-together and organised - ₹878

Brown and white oil dispenser.

14. These minimalistic white ceramic bowls you can use to serve soups, individual portions or gravy, or even snacks - ₹299

15. These bright and beautiful ceramic bowls that can make even something basic like Maggi look bougie - ₹794 for a set of four

The bowl with Maggie in it.

16. And finally, this ceramic kettle that will transform your evening chai drinking ritual into a high tea party - ₹550

White ceramic kettle with a marble finish and a yellow rim.