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    19 Practical Gifts To Give Your Colleagues This Friendship Day

    Show your office BFFs some love.

    1. These earphones for the colleague who listens to a power playlist to get themselves in the mood to work - ₹599

    2. Or this audio splitter for the colleague who shares your music taste, so you can both listen to the same music without disturbing other people in the office - ₹399

    3. This assorted tea bag box for the colleague that spends more time drinking chai than actually working - ₹210

    4. This jade plant with a self-watering pot for the colleague who’s been spending all their time indoors and could use a little greenery on their desk - ₹269

    Jade plant in a white pot

    5. This jewellery tray organiser that will remind your office BFF of how awesome they are - ₹495

    Pink hexagonal porcelain dish with the words 'You Are Amazing’ printed on it in gold

    6. This beer mug so your chilled out boss can unwind and relax in style after a hard day at the office - ₹649

    Glass beer mug that says, “For the most chilled out boss”

    7. This daily planner and schedule tracker, so they stay on top of their tasks and goals and don’t miss out on important deadlines - ₹249

    Galaxy print spiral planner with the words ‘Dream. Believe. Achieve’ printed on it in white

    8. This relaxing scented floral scented candle for your colleague that gets stressed too often and needs to find their zen - ₹190

    A lavender scented candle from Miniso

    9. Or this nature-themed adult colouring book that will help your colleagues unwind and relax after a tiring day at work - ₹151

    10. This personalised water bottle for your colleague who needs a reminder to stay hydrated - ₹599

    Black water bottle with white cursive lettering

    11. This poster for the Jim to your Dwight aka the person whom you spend most of your time bonding over The Office with - ₹249

    A multicoloured poster of Michael Scott from The Office, with the words "That's what she said"

    12. This earrings set for the colleague who loves to dress up, even if it’s just for the video work meetings - ₹249

    Assorted set of gold and pearl hoop earrings

    13. This zipper pouch that will make the perfect gift for your colleague who’s the definition of Girl Boss - ₹245

    A colourful pouch with the words "Just a Girl Boss" on it

    14. These cute little cable protectors for the colleague who’s constantly charging their phones when they use them and then complain about their wires breaking too soon - ₹349

    Dog and panda cable bites

    15. These socks for your colleague who’s always freezing, especially during this rainy season - ₹227 for a set of three

    16. This microfibre spectacles cleaner for your colleague whose smudged glasses make their vision worse than before they got their prescription glasses in the first place - ₹179 for a set of two

    17. This magnetic whiteboard for your colleague who always forgets things, whether it’s an important work task or just adding milk to their grocery shopping list - ₹499

    Magnetic white board on a fridge

    18. This keyboard cleaning jelly for the colleague who snacks at their desk and always ends up making their keyboard messy with crumbs - ₹399

    19. And finally, this pet toy for the colleague who needs all the help they can get to balance work and entertaining their four-legged friend - ₹185

    Multicoloured pet chew toy

    Your colleagues when they receive your gifts -