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    18 Cleaning Products That Would Make Monica Geller Proud

    Not just clean, “Monica” clean.

    1. This vinegar cleaner that removes limescale and dirt and leaves all the surfaces in your house sparkling clean - ₹269

    2. This set of eco-friendly, reusable dish washing sponges made from all natural materials, that will deep clean your dishes without leaving any marks or scratches - ₹299

    3. This sweep brush and dustpan that’s perfect for cleaning all the dust and dirt off your shelves and counters - ₹299

    Person brushing nutshells off a table with the brush.

    4. This dish washing brush so you can wash your dishes without damaging your nails or ending up with pruned fingers - ₹220

    Person scrubbing a pan with the dish washing brush.

    5. These durable drawer and fridge liners that collect the dirt for you and are super easy to clean and use again - ₹499 for a 5-metre roll

    6. This dish cleaning brush with a handle and a liquid soap dispenser so you can get your dishes clean without getting your hands dirty - ₹348

    A person scrubbing a pan with the brush

    7. This magnetic double-sided glass cleaner so you can get your windows cleaned in half the time - ₹288

    8. This multi-functional brush that you can use to scrape leftover food from your plates, wash your dishes and clean scraps off your counter as well - ₹279

    Images of the brush used to clean different surfaces like baking trays, kitchen counters, glasses and plates

    9. This silicone pot cover that prevents your pots from accidentally overflowing even if you forget to check on them, so you don’t have to clean up unnecessary kitchen spills later on - ₹399

    Green coloured silicon pot cover with milk foam on it

    10. This extendable duster with a microfibre cloth so you can clean the hard-to-reach spots in your kitchen like top shelves or under the fridge, instead of pretending they don’t exist - ₹240

    A person using the duster to clean the top of cupboards

    11. This gel laptop keyboard cleaner because you probably haven’t cleaned your keyboard since you bought it, and not only is this the easiest and quickest way to clean it, but the most fun too - ₹349

    12. This hanging kitchen trash bin so you can clean kitchen scraps as you cook and save yourself time cleaning the kitchen later - ₹309

    Trash being thrown into the blue coloured hanging dustbin

    13. This handheld vacuum with 8 different attachments that cleans crumbs, dust and all other small particles off your tables, furniture, keyboards and floors - ₹2,499

    14. These bathrooms wipes are probably the easiest and fastest way to get rid of soap and toothpaste stains off your washbasins - ₹229

    15. These dishwashing gloves that you can use to clean dishes, sinks, tiles, floors and cars without getting your hands dirty - ₹320

    Washing gloves used to clean a car and sinks

    16. These bathroom squeegee cleaners so you can just swipe the dirt from every nook and corner of your bathroom - ₹799

    17. This bottle cleaning brush that can scrub 🧼 clean even the innermost nooks of your bottles without scratching their surface - ₹189

    18. And these toilet blocks that you can just put in your toilet and forget about, and they basically clean the toilet for you with every flush - ₹177 for a pack of 3