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    16 Board Games To Help You Feel Less Bored During This Quarantine

    Some classics, and some interesting new games to try as well.

    1. Kicking the list off with everyone favourite board game, Monopoly, but a much more modern and upgraded version with cards instead of cash and an electronic banking unit - ₹1,874

    2. This classic game of Pictionary with over 206 different cards that will take you a while to finish before the game gets monotonous - ₹589

    3. This game of Codenames where you have to connect different words that’s fun and quick and also challenges you intellectually - ₹729

    4. If you have some time to kill, give Risk a go. It’s a highly strategic game where you have to conquer enemies territories and build your empire - ₹1,999

    5. If you’re short on players, two-player Battleship is the perfect option. It’s a short and fun game that combines both luck and strategy - ₹950

    6. Another long and strategic game is Catan, a game where you trade your resources with other players to build and expand your cities and properties - ₹999

    7. If you enjoy tactical gameplay and love video games, this game of Zvata Wizards of Aeydor that involves both strategy and chance is perfect for you - ₹1,199

    8. Zvata is a four player game set in a futuristic space where the players are seeking a planet that’s the ultimate power source, and the first person to solve all the clues and locate the planet wins the game - ₹1,499

    9. If you’ve got a good vocabulary and can’t stop boasting about it, this game of Scrabble was made for you - ₹599

    10. If you like detective mysteries, you’ll love this game of Scotland Yard where you get to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes - ₹449

    11. Or you could channel your inner Hercule Poirot in this game of Cluedo, based on a classic whodunnit mansion murder mystery - ₹520

    12. This game of Bharata 600, and Indian themed game where players assume roles of various Indian rulers, build armies and expand their kingdoms - ₹3,980

    13. This iconic Game of Life where you make various life and career choices, start families and take different paths based on the roll of the dice - ₹878

    14. Sequence, a game of strategy, fun and chance where you need to build a sequence of five chips in a row based on the cards you’re handed - ₹679

    15. This award winning game of Hexpert where you need to join lights of similar colours together and outscore your opponents - ₹799

    16. And finally, we couldn’t end the list without this oldie but goodie set of Ludo and Snakes & Ladders that you can play with your whole family - ₹219