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    16 Skincare And Beauty Products That You Won't Be Disappointed With

    These might be the only things in 2020 that won’t let you down.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This make-up eraser cloth that works like magic, and is also one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable ways of make-up removal - ₹999

    Purple make-up removal cloth.

    Get it here.

    2. This Maybelline nude lipstick that you should always keep handy in your bag, because it goes well with any outfit you have on and complements Indian skin tones really well - ₹239

    Shade - 657 Nude Nuance. Get it here.

    3. This simple, affordable yet super effective daily moisturiser with sunscreen that will keep your face looking healthy, hydrated and glowing - ₹365

    Get it here.

    4. This exfoliating foot-peeling mask that peels all the dead skin off and leaves you with baby soft feet - ₹599

    Person wearing the peeling foot mask on their feet,

    Get it here.

    5. This eyeliner with a wing stamp that will save so much time for all you people that spend wayyyyy more time than necessary trying to perfect that winged eyeliner - ₹265

    Get it here.

    6. This BuzzFeed reader favourite shampoo brush that not only massages your scalp and makes you feel relaxed when you shower but also stimulated blood flow to the scalp and oil glands - ₹349

    Pink scalp massaging brush.

    Get it here.

    7. This facial vacuum that sucks out all the gunk, dirt and impurities from your pores - ₹620

    Get it here.

    8. This organic gem bath soap bar full of essential oils which not only detoxifies and relaxes your body, but also feels, smells and looks magical AF - ₹261

    Green triangular gemstone soap bar.

    Get it here.

    9. This Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion that does an amazing job reducing the appearance of stretch marks on your skin - ₹470

    It’s hypoallergenic and free of paraben. Get it here.

    10. This onion hair oil that’s packed with fragrant and beneficial essential oils that moisturises your hair and helps it grow faster - ₹399 for 200ml

    Get it here.

    11. This anti-ageing after bath body oil that you can mix with your regular moisturiser to make your skin feel more soft and hydrated - ₹96 for 120ml

    This is a product I personally use and love. I love giving my skin as much moisture as possible after a shower, so I mix a few drops of this oil along with my regular body lotion, and it makes my skin feel so much more hydrated. It also has a mild fragrance that doesn’t overpower the lotion, which I love. Get it here.

    12. This snail cream (yes, you read it right, it’s made from snails mucus extract!) that has anti-agent properties, reduces wrinkles and blemishes - ₹3,115 for 75ml

    Get it here.

    13. This deeply moisturising lip butter so you don’t end up with dry and chapped lips this winter season - ₹349

    Get it here.

    14. These pimple patches that our BuzzFeed India readers have been loving! They keep your pimples from getting infected and absorb the pus, making the pimple heal faster - ₹259 for 18 patches

    Get them here.

    15. This coffee scrub that helps exfoliate and remove dead skin, and also reduces tan (another Indian tropical climate essential) - ₹425 for 100g

    Shivani Agrawal.

    Here’s what Shivani Agrawal from the BFI team has to say about the product - “My sister and I got this scrub just the other week. It comes in the cutest little jar with a beautiful wooden scoop spoon. I was surprised by how much it actually smells like coffee. It is coarse but not enough to rough your skin up. It gently exfoliates and leaves you smelling heavenly!”

    Get it here.

    16. This facial hair remover that’s literally a life saver now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and you can’t run to the parlour every time you need to trim your facial hair like you used to - ₹195

    A woman trimming her upper lip hair with the hair remover,

    Get it here.