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    19 Art Products For People Who Want To Take Part In Inktober

    Because the Earth without art is just ‘eh’.

    1. This sketching kit that has everything you’ll need to get started on your artistic journey including drawing and charcoal pencils, blending stumps, graphite sticks and more - ₹1,399

    2. This set of water colour tubes that everyone from art hobbyists to professional artists can enjoy - ₹358

    3. These oil pastel colours that can be used on multiple surfaces so you don’t have to limit your creativity to just paper - ₹187

    4. This chalk paint kit so you can use your artistic talent to give your house a makeover - ₹799

    Red, blue, purple, black, pink and orange chalk paints.

    5. These soft pastels that blend really well together and are water soluble so they can be used in many different ways - ₹276

    6. These metallic gel pens so you can even doodle in your free time while you work/study at home - ₹425

    7. These pretty pink brushes that can be used for both acrylic and oil painting - ₹625

    8. These canvas pads so you don’t run out of material to create your masterpieces on - ₹325

    9. This art tools holder so your favourite pencils, brushes and pens are within hands reach when inspiration strikes - ₹399

    Square shaped organiser holding sketch pens together.

    10. These canvas boards so you can frame and treasure the art pieces that are most special to you - ₹299

    11. These glitter foam sheets so you can experiment with different types of textures - ₹239

    12. This set of lettering pens because art comes in all shapes, sizes, and, most importantly, ✨ fonts ✨ - ₹549 for a set of 6

    13. This set of glitter sparkles, stars and dots for people who want to add bling to their artwork - ₹449

    14. These sketch pens that even people who have no prior art experience will be comfortable with - ₹126

    15. These gold metallic foil flakes to add some 24 karat magic to your paintings - ₹299

    16. This colour palette so you can mix and match different colours. Also, doesn’t painting with a palette make you feel like a professional artist? 🎨 - ₹289

    17. These brush pens for people who want to experiment with watercolours but aren’t comfortable using brushes - ₹260

    18. These micron pens that are great for doodling, sketching or even bullet journaling - ₹545

    19. And finally, this fixative spray so your artwork don’t smudge or fade with time - ₹250

    You, when all your new art supplies arrive -

    Bob Ross painting.