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    15 Gross Yet Satisfying Beauty Products You’ll Want To Buy

    You’ll hate how much you love these.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. This activated charcoal powder that whitens your teeth. You may not look your best while you’re brushing with it, but the results are oh so satisfying - ₹185

    It also works great on your skin to remove blackheads. Get it here.

    2. These charcoal strips that will help with getting all those nasty whiteheads out of your nose - ₹67

    This is a set of 3 strips. Get it here.

    3. This portable pore suction that is basically like a vacuum for your nose, and really helps get all the dirt from your nose. It’s gnarly to look at, but we guarantee you’ll be addicted to it in no time - ₹490

    It helps to clear out whiteheads, blackheads, and all the grease and oil from your nose, leaving it squeaky clean and dirt-free. Get it here.

    4. This foot scrubber that removes all the nasty dead skin and calluses from your feet and leaves them soft AF - ₹425

    It’s easy to use, and the rollers are replaceable so you can save money! Get it here.

    5. This acne and blackheads removal kit that literally lets you squeeze all the nasty junk out of your face - ₹45

    This is a super effective and affordable way to take care of your skin right at home. Get it here.

    6. This foot peeling mask that is not for the faint-hearted. It makes the skin on your feet peel off like a snake but, on the plus side, leaves you with brand new skin - ₹669

    The mask takes around 4-6 days to start working and the peeling process takes another week. Get it here.

    7. This copper tongue cleaner that helps get all the gunk out of your mouth - ₹340

    This set contains 2 scrapers. Get it here.

    8. This natural Dead Sea mud mask that will make your face look like you just dumped wet dirt on it. However, your skin will feel so good later, it’s totally worth it - ₹699

    This is a 125gm unisex pack. Get it here.

    9. This electric water flossing machine because you’re too lazy for normal flossing and this does a better job anyway - ₹1,899

    It has three pressure modes, and helps to clean hard-to-reach areas and remove food debris. Get it here.

    10. This anti-aging skin regenerating cream that is made of actual snails. But people swear by it, so it’s definitely worth a try no matter what the ingredients are - ₹2,400

    This is a 75ml pack. Get it here.

    11. This spring hair remover that seems weird and painful, but is actually easier and quicker than taking a trip to the salon - ₹195

    It’s compact and portable so you can just carry it with you in your bag. Get it here.

    12. This foot shaver that helps to rid your feet of corns, hard dead skin, and calluses - ₹379

    Get it here.

    13. This charcoal peeling mask that rids your skin of dirt and oils will make you feel like you’re Christian Bale from American Psycho - ₹199

    Size - 60gm. Get it here.

    14. The thought of exfoliating and removing dead skin with these bath mittens is disgusting, but you’ll love how soft your skin feels after - ₹201

    This is a set of 2 gloves. Get it here.

    15. And these pimple patches that suck out all the gross stuff off your face and prevent bacteria and infections - ₹299

    This pack contains one sheet of pimple patches. Get it here.