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    14 Delicious Nibbles That Are Perfect For Your Office Drawer

    Now you’ll always have a reason to look forward to work.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of almonds is the perfect work snack because they’re healthy, delicious, help your brain work better, and also improve your memory - ₹499

    This is a 500gm pack. Get it here.

    2. Raisins may be tiny but they’re packed full of energy and nutrients, and they’re healthy too, so you can finally feel good about snacking instead of guilty - ₹385

    This is a 1kg pack. Get it here.

    3. This trail mix of nuts and berries that is full of nutrients and will keep you full for a long while - ₹550

    This is a 500g pack. Get it here.

    4. Roasted chickpeas or chana are another healthy snack option if you want some Indian flavour - ₹140

    This is a 500g pack. Get it here.

    5. If you’re constantly running late and end up skipping breakfast to get to work on time, store a couple of protein bars in your drawer to make sure you don’t die of hunger before lunch time - ₹349

    This set contains 10 protein bars of 38gms each. Get it here.

    6. If your office has a microwave, popcorn is a healthy and tasty snack you can whip up in literally 2 minutes - ₹195

    This is a set of 4 popcorn packets of 100gm each. Get it here.

    7. “I hate chips”, said no person, EVER. These popped chips taste just as good as regular chips but have fewer calories and are gluten free - ₹360

    This is a set of 4 chips, 20gm each. Get it here.

    8. When you’re too broke at the end of the month to afford a decent meal, try this 2-minute poha that will keep you full and not empty your wallet out completely - ₹135

    This is a set of 3 packs, 80gm each. Get it here.

    9. This pack of mini chocolates you can munch on if you’re in the mood for something sweet - ₹119

    This is a 250gm pack. Get it here.

    10. This pack of pumpkin seeds that’s rich in healthy fats and free from cholesterol and trans fats - ₹279

    This is a 250gm pack. Get it here.

    11. If you’re having a bad day at work, there’s nothing that the classic chocolate chip cookie can’t fix - ₹30

    This is a 30gm pack. Get it here.

    12. For anyone who’s trying to be healthier but also has a sweet tooth, keep a jar of extra crunchy peanut butter that you can combine with some apples or bananas - ₹440

    This is a 462g pack. Get it here.

    13. This pack of aloo bhujia that may be a mess to eat, but tastes so good that the mess is totally worth it - ₹35

    This is a 150g pack. Get it here.

    14. Finally, some peanut chikki that will remind of snacking at your grandma's house when you were a kid - ₹195

    This is a set of 30 units, 28g each. Get it here.