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    13 Products You've Probably Never Used Before But Won’t Be Able To Live Without

    How have you lived without these all your life?!

    1. This massaging and deep cleansing facial brush that helps in really digging in deep and getting every last bit of makeup and dirt off your face - ₹699

    2. These no-tie shoelaces that are a godsend for anyone who loves sneakers but hates dealing with laces - ₹299

    3. This all-in-one international travel adapter if you’re always on the move for work and are constantly worrying about how you’re going to charge your phone in a new country - ₹1,399

    4. If backaches from slouching too much at your desk at work are killing you, this unisex posture corrector that can be worn over or under your clothes will literally be a lifesaver - ₹599

    5. This adhesive magnetic phone holder for anyone who’s tired AF of having to juggle between looking at the GPS on their lap and the road every time you’re driving somewhere - ₹349

    6. This bamboo (great for the environment!!) toothbrush with activated charcoal bristles that help in deodourising your mouth and reducing the appearance of plaque on your teeth - ₹70

    7. This facial threader which does a fab job of removing that unwanted bit of peach fuzz or stray eyebrow hairs when you don’t have the time to visit a salon - ₹195

    8. These wine/beer stoppers because let’s be honest, you’re not going to be able to finish that bottle of wine in one go and no one likes wasting alcohol - ₹449 for a set of 4

    9. This automatic rotating curling iron that will give you amazing beach waves in no time with almost no effort - ₹699

    10. This handheld milk frother so you can have barista style brews in the comfort of your own home at only a fraction of the price - ₹999

    11. These silicone lids if you’re prone to overcooking and are always left with extra food. These stretchable lid savers fit over most bowls, mugs, and even fruits and extend their lifetime in the fridge - ₹269 for a set of 6

    12. This fur removing glove that not only makes your job of cleaning up shedding hair so much easier but also will give a nice massage to your pets - ₹149

    13. This clip-on LED reading light if you love yourself some late night reading but don’t want to disturb your roommate - ₹869