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8 Things Your Parents Left Out When They Gave You “The Talk”

Condoms and BC aren’t the only important things.

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1. Rolling a condom on a cylindrical fruit or vegetable helps with nothing.


In almost every sex ed class taken or every sex ed class shown on screen, there has been an overly sexual example of rolling a condom on. Unbeknownst to us prepubescent's, this painful act that we were forced to watch, actually serves no use IRL. Who knows why the education system insists on girls learning how to put on a condom, when the majority the time, its not even our job.The guy does that! And when he does, it definitely isn't with his arm raised at a 90 degree angle in front of his face.

2. It’s weird


You're naked with someone who's never seen you like this before. You're self-conscious because you're a girl, and we usually are a little conscious on the daily anyway. Also the things that you're doing, you've never done before. Feeling weird is uncomfortable and normal, so don't take it as more than it is.

4. You might not be in love


It always starts out with the classic, "when a boy and a girl really love each other…" nope. Try again. For some of us, we don't happen to get lucky with the making love to someone you love. Listen up ladies, he might just be random, or someone you like and don't see a future with, or potentially guy you could learn to love. Never fear, just go with how you feel.

5. Rose petals, candles, and music are more fantasy than reality


It's quite possible that one to none of them will make an appearance during your rendezvous (most likely the petals won't be present). Most girls think about sex as a fantasy, but as we know, some dreams just don't some true. As much as we would like a picturesque scene straight out of The Vampire Diaries, just be happy if it happened to be in a bed.

6. Some guys don’t know how to unclip a bra


If I can do it behind my back, why can't you do it in front of your face? You know that cool idea of undressing each other and throwing clothes off as you're walking to the bed that you elegantly fall backwards onto? Well it kind of becomes short lived when guys aren't bra savvy as you'd think. If we have to roll condoms for them, they should learn how to work a bra for us.

7. Penetration does not equal impregnation

Just because sex is sometimes referred as baby making, doesn't mean you're automatically participating in the act. Honestly, Mom and/or Dad probably scared the crap out of you when it came to getting pregnant. Even when referencing safe sex, it's as if not using any prevention techniques means you WILL get pregnant. Wrong. Yes, it may mean you have a higher chance, and yes you should always practice safe sex because also protects from STD's, but no it does not automatically mean you need to be shopping for cribs.

8. You’re not going to mom with any questions.


Mom is there for advice, but never the details or "questions." No matter how close you are to mommy dearest, it's almost a definite that you will not confide in her when it comes to things between the sheets. You will always go to your friends first, or even a sister, aunt, counselor, nail technician, hairdresser…. Just anyone besides her.

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