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    • svyatoslavich

      OMG. What can you say objectively about comments of russians? All I can see here is “Oh my god, they`re wild people! Ah, they`re not tolerant! Ahh, wild-wild Russia, putinland at the middle of nowhere!… Ah, oh, uh, ah…  Are you a gay? Ok. Be a gay in your bedroom, in your own house or somewhere else, where I can`t see you. Because I DO NOT want to see your parades!  How don`t you understand, americans and europeans, that the problem is not about russians? The problem is about behavior of gays! We, russian normal people, don`t have against gays. Until they touch our children or make these stupid parades. You equalize concept “normal society” and concept “tolerance to gays”. Well, I have to say society can be normal, even it doesn`t support gays. Your brains are already homosexual. Not a one gay was born by two men or two women. And not a one gay was grown up in gay-family. Aren`t you scared about future generations, when you will see absolutely new people, who have TWO FATHERS or TWO MOTHERS? It`ll be the end of the civilization. And we, russians, don`t want to be with you at this moment, he-he. Think tolerant, my opinion has a right to be spoken too ))) And yes, keep your gays in your own countries, don`t let them go to Russia. Their opinion is nothing here, especially if it`s thrust.

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