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16 Things You'll Only Understand If You Live For "Law & Order: SVU"

Whether you're a superfan or a newbie to how the criminal justice system considers sexually based offenses to be especially heinous, you won't want to miss the marathon of the best episodes on USA Network's The Buzziest BuzzFeed SVU Marathon on Dec. 9!

1. As a fan, you already know that the show follows the stories of an elite squad of NYPD detectives — known as the Special Victims Unit — who investigate especially heinous, sexually based offenses.

2. OBVIOUSLY you know all the words to the SVU opening montage and can hear the sax music in your sleep.

3. You probably consider Olivia Benson to be your personal hero, and she's unquestionably one of the most badass characters of all time.

4. But you also love the rest of the SVU squad. Each of the current and former detectives (and ADAs) will forever hold a special place in your heart.

5. You're always willing to cancel your long-standing plans to stay in when you happen upon a marathon on television.

6. And you get deeply offended if anyone questions how you can *still* be watching hours later.

7. And anyone you've ever dated has probably had to sit through a marathon or two with you.

8. You've spent A LOT of time agonizing over whether Stabler and Benson were ever going to get together and had strong opinions about it...

9. ...which is why you'll never give up hope that someday Detective Stabler will return to the show.

10. You're an expert at identifying the ripped-from-the-headlines episodes and always know exactly what real-life cases they're based on.

11. You've even considered a career change so you can stop letting all the legal knowledge you've picked up go to waste.

12. But sometimes you learn things you wish you could forget.

13. Despite the dark subject matter, you've definitely laughed out loud at all the amazing one-liners...

14. ...including Munch and Fin's constant and hilarious bickering.

15. And you know the most hilarious lines are the ones taken out of context.

16. But at the end of the day, the squad's dedication to getting justice for the victim is what keeps you coming back for more.

Cancel your plans for Dec. 9, and rewatch all your favorite SVU episodes during USA Network's The Buzziest BuzzFeed SVU Marathon!