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Barbara Walters Asked Trump The Hardest Question He’s Ever Been Asked

You could see the defeat on his face.

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Barbara Walters announced her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2015 and, to no one's surprise, Donald J. Trump made the list. Demanding our attention, "fascinating" includes the good (Misty Copeland), the bad (Donald Trump) and the ugly (Bradley Cooper) (I KID, OF COURSE).

Caitlyn Jenner was named the most fascinating because amid scandals and sandals, a lot of people had a lot to say about the woman with a name that didn't exist just one year ago. Between a very public reveal in an interview with Diane Sawyer, a docuseries on E! (renewed for a second season), an ESPY, a Guinness World Record, a fatal car accident, a touchy Glamour Woman of the Year speech, and a controversial Time Person of the Year interview, there's no denying she held the spotlight in 2015.

But now to the man whose hair makes more sense than his mouth.

In his four minutes of screen time for the annual special, Trump discussed some of his most controversial comments. He defended his proposed ban on Muslims entering the country, saying, "The people that I know in the Muslim community agree with me."

He extolled the value of a "good guy with a gun," reasoning, "three or four people like me [licensed to carry a gun]" would have stopped the San Bernardino attack.

It is worth a mention, though, that the G.G. with a G. strategy does not work.

And when asked if he is a bigot, Trump responded, "Not at all. Probably the least of anybody you've ever met."

It is also worth a mention that there is no such thing as "the least of a bigot." One cannot be "the least of a bigot" in the same way one cannot dig "half" of a hole. Mr. Trump is a hole.

But he kept this front until Barbara Walters asked one simple question no one has yet brought to his attention:

"If you lose the Republican nomination, are you a loser?"

For a moment, the man with "all the answers" realized this was an answer he didn't want to have.

Trump: "A certain way... yeah. Hate to say it. If I lost the nomination, yeah, I guess I'd call... myself... a loser."

When no comment or criticism seems to shake him– and no denounced ethnicity, religion or gender is, for him, deserving of an apology– this one, finally, cracked the Trump Wall.

How did the interview end?

Walters: "Let's say you become the president. When you leave office, in one word, what would you like your legacy to be?"

Trump: "A victory."

Watch the full interview below.

Donald Trump Admits to Barbara Walters: "Yes, I Would Be a Loser"

New York Magazine / Via
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