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    • suzettep

      I thoroughly enjoyed this list! AsaSeventh-day Adventist, this list brought back so many good memories. However, this list should not be taken asastatement of our beliefs or creed. It is sort ofa”private joke” for us, kind of like grown-up kids remembering the cute quirks of their grandparents. Seventh-day Adventists believe differently about alot of the 31 issues mentioned, but we all believe that Jesus is our Savior, and only by Faith in Him can we be saved. We believe that God is the Almighty Creator of Everything, and we believe that He is coming back to Earth some day to take those that believe in Him back to Heaven with Him. All those other details in the list are just some things that framed the identity of the group, but are personal decisions and not Seventh-day Adventist creed. It’s beenablast reading all the responses to this “31 signs” list.

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