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Weekends: Expectations Vs. Reality

Weekends are those magical days that start out full of hope and end in naps.

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Expectation: Reading that new book everyone's been talking about.

PBS / Via

Reality: Watching TV/Netflix instead.

Fox / Via

Expectation: Planning to meet up with people.

Reality: Canceling those plans.

Comedy Central / Via

Expectation: Taking an awesome road trip with your friends.

CBS / Via

Reality: Sitting in traffic with your (now) ex-friends.

20th Century Fox / Via

Expectation: Trying out a new recipe.

Walt Disney Productions / Via

Reality: Failing miserably and ordering takeout.

Fox / Via

Expectation: Enjoying a beautiful hike.

Reality: Immediately regretting that decision.

NBC / Via

Expectation: Finally building that table from IKEA.

ABC / Via

Reality: Nearly killing yourself.


Expectation: Going to the grocery store and stocking up on healthy items.

FilmDistrict / Via

Reality: Buying food that tastes good.

Expectation: Being an adult and doing laundry.

ABC / Via

Reality: Not doing laundry

NBC / Via

Expectation: Starting a new workout regimen.

Reality: Accepting you are not someone who "works out."

NBC / Via

Expectation: Enjoying some high-brow art.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

Reality: Going to a bar.

Lionsgate Films / Via

Expectation: Having a classy night out.

Reality: Outdrinking everyone.

NBC / Via

Expectation: Napping all day.

Cartoon Network / Via

Reality: Napping. All. Day.

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