The 23 Worst Crimes Committed By Disney Villains

Because although they tried, some Disney Villains actually weren’t that bad. But some were. Like the Coachman.

1. Yzma - Attempted takeover of the Incan Empire

Kuzco really shouldn’t have tried to fire Yzma, she was easily the best thing about his entire administration. Completely justified reaction on her part.

2. Hades - Attempted takeover of the world

Disney / Via

Hades was a seriously misunderstood villain, he was forced to rule the underworld by Zeus, and who wouldn’t do anything to get out of that really terrible entry-level job?

3. Jafar - Takes over Agraba using hypnosis (and magic)

Disney / Via

Controlling the Sultan of Agraba using his magic staff, Jafar tried to worm his way onto the crown using sorcery and generally just being an evil prick. AND he tried to seduce Jasmine and kill Aladdin. Mid-life crisis indeed.

4. Maleficent - Attempted murder of Aurora and Prince Philip

Disney / Via

A bit of an extreme overreaction to not getting invited to a party, no? But facts are facts, and Maleficent did try to kill Aurora (and Prince Philip), but failed on both accounts. Still a BAMF though.

5. Gaston - Attempted forced marriage, attempted murder

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Probably the most narcissistic of all Disney villains (besides The Evil Queen), Gaston tried to force Belle into marriage and when she declined (THANK GOD), he tried to kill the Beast.

6. The Hunter - Kills Bambi’s mother

Disney / Via

Responsible for the most emotionally devastating death in Disney history. It was WINTER, hunting season is in the FALL.

7. Captain Hook - Attempted murder of young boys for revenge

Hook really needed some serious therapy for his obsession with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, it really was just a hand he lost. Artificial limbs are pretty awesome these days, and just look at Long John Silver - did he obsess over his peg leg? No sir.

8. Lady Tremaine - Forces Cinderella into a life of servitude

Thanks for being the reason that step-mothers have a bad name.

9. Doctor Facilier Attempted takeover of New Orleans via souls

Doctor Facilier was a super creepy guy (where on earth did he get his medical degree?) who wanted to control New Orleans, AND promised the voodoo spirits all the citizen’s souls as payment. Could have just used a credit card.

10. Queen Grimhilde - Tries to kill Snow White

Another evil step-mother, this time with an odd fascination for murder and youthful beauty. She really just needed a good moisturizer.

11. Shan-Yu - Leads the Huns to massacre Chinese armies, general unpleasantness

Disney / Via

One one hand he’s the vicious leader of the ruthless Huns, but on the other hand - he’s just trying to inspire loyalty amongst a ragtag group of men. But also he’s just really creepy.

12. Edgar - Attempted murder of cats

Edgar’s crime if he had been successful, would have been completely unforgivable. How on earth could you seriously try to kill three adorable kittens and their mother? Edgar is a monster.

13. Cruella De Vil - Animal cruelty

Disney / Via

Why did she need all those coats? Did she not own a fireplace?

14. Governor Radcliffe - Killing Native Americans for gold

Disney / Via

Xenophobic and hateful, Governor Radcliffe is probably a very accurate representation of early English settlers. Thank goodness he is arrested and sent back to England to face punishment.

15. Hopper - Forced food payments from colony of ants

Disney / Via

Hopper was a gang leader who demanded payment each month in the form of food from a poor colony of ants. He deserved to be eaten by a bird and her chicks, fair is fair.

16. Ursula - Capturing debt-ridden mermaids and keeping them as tiny polpy slaves

Yes, the mermaids did go to Ursula and sign away their lies in exchange for her help, but did she really have to keep them enslaved in her garden like creepy sad pets? No.

17. Madame Medusa - Kidnaps Penny and forces her to mine for a diamond

Disney / Via

Kidnapping orphans and forcing them into mines just to look for a giant diamond is NOT cool.

18. Scar - Murders Mufasa

Murdering your own brother just so you and your hyena buddies could hang out on Pride Rock? Way harsh Scar.

19. Percival McLeach - Kills SO MANY endangered animals

If this guy isn’t bad enough, he also tries to fake Cody’s death in order to learn where Marahute’s nest is, then he actually tries to kill Cody. And Joanna must have had serious Stockholm Syndrome for staying with him.

20. Mother Gothel - Kidnapping, false imprisonment, attempted murder

Immortality is never a good life goal to have (just ask Voldemort) and kidnapping a baby and raising her as your own, all the while keeping her locked away in a small tower doesn’t really seem like A+ parenting.

21. Claude Frollo - Murders Quasimodo’s mother, tries to kill all the gypsies everywhere

Claude Frollo is really just a terrible terrible person. First he straight up murders Quasimodo’s mother, then he tries to kill her INFANT child only to be stopped when he is reminded of his eternal soul. Then he tries to kill all the gypsies in France. Not a winner.

22. Professor Ratigan - Murder, attempted takeover of Mousedom

Disney / Via

RIP Fidget. But seriously, Ratigan is easily one of the most terrifying disney villains when he gets angry (THOSE EYES).

23. The Coachman - Kidnaps children to sell into slavery

What else can you say about a man who kidnaps troubled boys, takes them to a place where they turn into donkeys, and then SELLS THEM INTO SLAVERY? Not too much.

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