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The 20 Greatest Disney Parents Of All Time

What do Mufasa, Mr. Banks, and Mrs. Potts all have in common? They were all EXCELLENT Disney parents. You won't find any Lady Tremaines in this list.

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12. The King and Queen — Tangled

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They don't give up hope when their daughter is kidnapped by a crazy witch, they even have a lovely lantern ceremony every year to celebrate Rapunzel's birthday. And they immediately accept Eugene!

11. Duchess — The Aristocats

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Duchess is a very proper mother-cat who manages to parent three rambunctious kittens while romancing a handsome alley cat. She is an inspiration to us all.

10. Fergus and Elinor — Brave

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Fergus is a fiercely proud father who lets his daughter make her own choices, and turning into a bear couldn't make Elinor love Merida any less.

6. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible — The Incredibles

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Superhero parents who just want a normal life for their children. Although they should really have been more aware of Jack Jack and his abilities. Frightening.

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