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The 13 Types Of Spring Break Trips

We can't all go to Cancun. Or even the hotel swimming pool.

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1. The Beach Trip / Via

Laying out in the sun, day drinking to your heart's content - a beach spring break trip is easily the most fun type. Enjoy the debauchery while you can, and try not to get too many "awesome" tattoos.

2. The Ski Trip / Via

The spring break trip for people who have a cabin upstate and want to get drunk and ski. This trip will generally end in at least three separate hospital visits.

3. The Study-Time Trip

NBC / Via

Are you in grad school? Law school? Medical school? Do you wish you hadn't continued with any form of higher education and just gone on that cruise like the rest of your buddies? Welcome to the club.

4. The trip where you go home

NBC / Via

If you are poor and tired of everyone, going home for spring break seems like a sweet idea. Until you actually get there and realize that you are missing out in the prime of your youth to go shopping at Target with your parents.

5. The trip where you just watch TV

20th Century Fox / Via

You literally will not move from the couch/bed all week, catching up on all the shows you missed. Try to get at least a couple hours of sleep in-between movie marathons.

6. The trip where you went abroad / Via

Europe! What culture, what class, what GELATO. Remember that time you went to all those european night clubs and ate so much pasta and wine you thought you would die? We all do,thanks to your countless Instagram updates.

7. The sleeping trip

Disney / Via

Different from the trip where you just watch TV because on this spring break trip, you are unconscious at least 90% of the time. And you like it that way.

8. The athletic training trip


If you are on a sports team, spring break doesn't always mean "break". In fact, it could mean staying at school and doing two-a-day practices while all of your friends are passed out on a beach somewhere. At least you're still in shape, right?

9. The community service trip


BRB gonna go build some houses down in South America or another third world country. When you get back, try not to brag about how good of a person you are every second of the day, people WILL get annoyed.

10. The trip where you eat everything

Studio Ghibli / Via

11. The trip you didn't take because you are an adult at work

NBC / Via

Yep, just another day in the office.

12. The family vacation trip


A long drive/flight with your family to that tourist destination where you parents will get lost using Google Maps and you and your siblings will start hyperventilating when you find out that the rest stop doesn't have wifi. Such is life.

13. The inappropriate spring break trip

Fox / Via

Doesn't matter where you go, this trip will be remembered solely by the terribly embarrassing and inappropriate things you did on it.

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