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The 10 Types Of People Who Watch The Winter Olympics

BRB, luging.

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1. The Person Watching at Work / Via Fox

"What? I just get really excited about pivot tables, you guys!"

Where you can find them: Angling their monitor away from prying eyes.

2. The Social Media Expert / Via NBC

"OMG Bob Costas #crazy #lifelongfan"

Where you can find them: Updating their Tumblr and live-tweeting the event.

3. The Hardcore Fan / Via

"If Shani Davis doesn't win another gold medal in speed skating I will LITERALLY throw myself off a cliff."

Where you can find them: Working from home.

4. The Political Junkie / Via NBC

"Do you have any idea how the cost of these games is going to impact Russia's economic future for years to come? Do you?!"

Where you can find them: In the office kitchen arguing with the Hardcore fan.

5. The Child / Via

"Mom, when's this going to be over?"

Where you can find them: Eating paste in a corner.

6. The Person Who Celebrates by Drinking

Fox / Via

"I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a PATRIOT."

Where you can find them: Getting thrown out of the bar. At 1PM.

7. The Hater

Disney / Via

"I would rather eat mac with no cheese than talk about the Olympics with you."

Where you can find them: Re-watching House of Cards.

8. The No-Spoilers Person

NBC / Via

"I was actually working all day, so DO NOT TELL ME WHO WON ANYTHING."

Where you can find them: Wearing blinders until they get home to catch up.

9. The Uber-Patriot / Via NBC

"Do you remember when America invented freedom? And won all the gold medals? Good."

Where you can find them: Commenting on Reddit.

10. The Cool Runnings Fan

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

"Sochi looks cold. Anyway, do you guys know what time the bobsled races are?"

Where you can find them: In the mirror.

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