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The 10 People In Every Office Meeting

Meetings were invented as a medieval torture device, and the practice is still carried out to this day.

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1. The person who is late.

Oh sorry guys, my barista was just SO SLOW this morning.

2. The person clearly not paying attention.

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This is probably you.

3. The person using too many buzzwords.

NBC / Via

"If we just synergize our footprints and go offline for the day, I think we will really grab some low-handing fruit with our increased bandwidth."

4. The know-it-all.

BBC / Via

Just. Stop. Talking.

5. The person chatting online with friends.

Bravo / Via

Oh this typing? I'm just taking really really detailed notes. About your outfit.

6. The person working on another project.

BBC / Via

These spreadsheets won't edit themselves!

7. The over-caffeinated person.

Warner Bros. / Via

It's time for a coffee intervention.

8. The person who doesn't understand technology.

AMC / Via

Usually the highest-ranking person in the meeting.

9. The person eating lunch.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Even if the meeting is at 9 A.M. Second breakfast anyone?

10. The person who starts passive-aggressive fights.

Universal Pictures / Via

And now it's awkward for everyone.

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