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25 Things Only Lazy People Will Understand

Because laziness is a lifestyle, not a choice.

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1. Laziness is a real thing that happens to real people.

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Its a burden.

2. It doesn't matter what age you are.

3. Making decisions can be very difficult.


What to do?

4. Saying "No" to plans is very easy.

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5. Like the easiest thing ever.



6. Sometimes its funny how easy it is.

7. Being on time is a funny joke.

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Everyone needs to lower their expectations.

8. Ignoring people can be challenging. / Via

Sometimes they just don't take a hint.


9. But doing nothing is always the goal.

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Live the dream!

10. Eating doesn't have to be strenuous.


Try to move as little as possible.

11. Naps are the most important things...

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For health reasons.

12. ...and can happen anywhere.


13. Sweatpants = wardrobe.

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14. Couches are the most undervalued members of society.



15. Exercise is a lot of effort...

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16. So it's best to make it as easy as possible.

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17. Eating in bed a regular occurrence.

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Crumbs everywhere.

18. Dropping the remote is the worst thing that could happen.

Oh good, another TLC marathon!
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Oh good, another TLC marathon!

19. You spend too much time reaching for things without moving.

20. Playing games isn't really considered a "fun" activity.


Unless its a slice of pizza, I'm not getting up.


21. There really should have been a "not gonna do that" major.


Straight A's for everyone! (Because the teacher is too lazy to actually grade.)

22. Waking up is the worst.

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Why does it happen so early?

23. It's important to remember who you are.

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Don't change for other people, you do you.

24. Being at home is THE BEST!


No question.

25. There is no shame is being lazy.

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