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    • Suzannez123

      Respectfully: you missed the point, no one can believe every clearly stated divine demand in the Bible because they’re contradictory, so you still have to explain and justify why you choose to take the specifics part you care about seriously, and not some others.
      Idon’t think everyone who says this actually feels hate towards gay and bi people.Ido think they don’t understand how tremendously painful it is for million of gays all over the world to be rejected by their families and loved ones over something they can’t change about themselves. To have to choose between livingalife where they lie to everyone and can never once experienceatruly loving fulfilling relationship, and being ostracized by their family and community, and sometimes physically hurt, or even killed. Iwork with LGBTI asylum seekers who have fled violent hatred, and the people who reject or persecute them always refer to either the Bible or Islamic teachings. I’m sure you would say “wellIwould never condone violence against anyone…” but I’d like you to understand this: the violence usually isn’t even the part most of them agonize over for years and years. It’s often the rejection by family and churches and friends that stays with them. The ones that end up strong are usually the ones who have at least one parent orapastor who told them those other people are wrong.

    • Response to Top 10 Reasons Atheists Suck:

      How do people not see that this is an atheist guy attempting to troll Christians? “You atheists, you rational, independent thinkers, you!”  I’m atheist myself soIdon’t know but I’m pretty sure that’s not exactly howatheist would put it.

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