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    • suzannes27

      This is an incredibly shallow and misleading article. First of all, the author only provides the covers, not the content, of the American version of Time. Furthermore, in at least some of these cases the choice of covers seems warranted (I’m saying this without being able to read the actual articles, of course). For example, the US government shutdown is more relevant to Americans than the vague possibility of a deal with Iran (that many Americans are aware of, BTW); the Benedict Cumberbatch versus an article about the future role of Texas in the union is another stellar example. Also, saying that Americans are uninformed based on the what Time chooses to put on its cover is simply ridiculous. Sure, not all Americans are informed but then many don’t even read Time while others get their news from multiple sources thus getting a comprehensive perspective of global events. Finally, Americans don’t have a monopoly on ignorance; in Azerbaijan, for example, none of my friends were aware of the US government shutdown. Stop trying to make us all look like fools, and enough with this self-depricating nonsense; if you want to criticize America/Americans try doing a real analysis of the issues.

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