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6 Untold Truths Of Iceland

Let me start off with a disclaimer by saying that yes Iceland is a beautiful country and if you get the chance to go for a visit you should go. However much like any wonder of the world the mass influx of beautifully edited photos taken by professional photographers has painted us all an un realistic and fantasized version of this great land. I among many other travellers was enticed to visit Iceland from the breathtakingly beautiful photos and videos emerging under #Iceland along with the cheap flights and specifically Iceland Air's sweet 1-7 day layover deal! But these are a few things to keep in mind...

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1. Explosive Tourism


Iceland has always been a place of wonder for tourists, but recently the increase has been exponential. A recent study by the Icelandic Tourist Board showed that "the number of foreign tourists has more than doubled since 2010." As a result there is a struggle to keep up with the proper infrastructure needed to sustain such tourism.

2. Icelandic Poo Problem

Páll Stefánsson / Via

Don't get me wrong, generally Icelanders are extremely friendly people, but with the recent influx of tourists I got the sense that the locals weren't too happy to see me... and it is headlines like these that are probably why. This story is not just a one off. Google "Iceland Poo Problem" -- it really is an issue.

3. What is that funky smell?


Recognize this place? Yup it's the Blue Lagoon! Relaxing scenery isn't it! Social media is often great at telling us all the positives, but I am here to tell you what the pictures don't express... Iceland smells like rotten eggs. Okay more accurately Iceland smells like sulphur and sulphur smells like rotten eggs. As a result various parts of the island smell more like rotten eggs then others, but you'll know when you hit a patch of thick eggy air. Also don't forget that this also means bathing and brushing your teeth in eggy water! YUM!

4. Money Money Money Money


Social media is a great place to dream about all the money that you don't have. So yea the flight may be cheap but just remember how much day to day things cost. HOWEVER I will say that when in doubt Iceland gas stations have killer hot dogs!

5. Transportation?


Social media posts tend to suck at showing you how challenging it is to actually get to some of these breathtaking places.. transportation in Iceland is far different from the rest of Europe. The best options are renting a car (which can be expensive), hitchhiking (how do you feel about strangers?), or the tour buses (also expensive.. and well touristy).

6. The Northern Lights

Iurie Belegurschi / Via

"is that the Northern Lights?" "Ya that green patch that looks like a fart... yup thats them" There are some fantastic photos out there in the cyber universe that capture breathtaking photos of the Northern Lights, but let me just remind you about this super cool tool called Photoshop. Just sayin.

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