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    17 Things Every Freelance Writer Never Wants To Hear Again

    Thanks, but I already have a "real job."

    1. "Have you tried [marketing, PR, or any other profession]?"

    2. "Don't you get lonely?"

    3. "What do you do with all your free time?"

    4. "Want to run this errand for me?"

    5. "How do you stay motivated?"

    6. "Do they pay you for that?"

    7. "So what's your goal with this whole writing thing?"

    8. "Can’t you just hand in the article later?"

    9. "Can you review my product/book/show?"

    10. "How can you afford to live in this city?"

    11. "It must be great not to have a boss."

    12. "You should write about that!"

    13. "When are you going to get a real job?"

    14. "It must be so nice to make your own schedule."

    15. "Our contributors write in exchange for the byline."

    16. "But you’ll gain so much exposure!"

    17. "Wow, props to you, that must be a really hard life."