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    Apartment Hunting In San Francisco: The Trials & Tribulations In GIFS

    Everybody wants to move to San Francisco these days, which is perhaps why we're required – and willing – to jump through ridiculous hoops to get there.

    You think you have everything planned out...

    but your preparations fall short...

    because you had no idea what you were getting into.

    Like when you try to get a leg up by arriving at an open house early...

    Only to add your application to a pile of dozens and be told they'll "get back to you."

    Or when you feel like an outcast applying to live with people who have lived together for years...

    And you don't think you can stand any more rejection emails.

    Or being sold a $2,000 closet with bums lurking outside the window...

    And eventually growing to view this as a deal.

    Or making desperate promises to try to get people to pick you.

    But around the time you actually start to consider quitting your job and fleeing to any other city...

    You finally get a call saying you were accepted somewhere.

    Then one day, a room in your apartment opens up, you put one crappy photo and minimal-effort description on Craigslist, and suddenly everyone's bowing down to you.

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