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    12 Surefire Signs You Live In San Francisco

    As millennials flock to San Francisco for the tech boom, many are in for a culture shock – because some things just don’t exist anywhere else. If the items on this list are familiar to you, there’s no question you live in San Francisco.

    1. The words “hooping,” “spinning,” “fanning,” “bouldering,” and “top-roping” sound like recreational activities rather than meaningless gibberish to you.

    2. Your apartment search took at least a month of non-stop visits to open-houses, and it was the most emotionally draining month of your life.

    3. You’re careful not to step on human poop on your way to work.

    4. You’ve pet a dog belonging to a homeless person who has set up camp on your street.

    5. Your Facebook group suggestions look like this.

    6. You’ve come to understand that a Burner is not just someone who attends Burning Man but an entire breed of person.

    7. You’ve seen a guy walking around with nothing but a glittery sock on his penis.

    8. You wouldn’t be caught dead in a cab.

    9. You feel peer pressure to have a startup idea.

    10. You notice at least one man-bun, one beard, and one T-shirt with a tech company’s logo per block.

    11. If you eavesdrop in a bar for five minutes, you’re bound to overhear “big data,” “real time,” and/or “internet of things.”

    12. You’ve seen a bulldog skateboarding down Market Street.

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