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6 Charts That You'll Immediately Relate To If You Have A Desi Mom

Indian Moms are so loving, caring, nurturing. Yet, they're rather mysterious in there ways. We're still trying to unravel the mystery that is the Indian mom. Here's a hilarious take on Indian Moms in the form of charts.

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"Mom, May I Go Hang Out With My Friends?"

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You : “Mom, Salil is taking us to Starbucks for his b’day treat tomorrow. Can I go, please?”

*Mom’s imagination kicks in* You’re at Starbucks with hot coffee that you manage to spill on yourself and stain your shirt”

Mom : “No”

"Mummaaaaa, Where's My Calculator?"

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Today was cleaning day. Uh-oh.

You enter your room. It’s sparkling like it’s brand new. You’re looking for that thing you put away knowing that you’re gonna find it there anyway. You’ve now looked everywhere but you can’t find it. Time for emergency measures, “MUMMAAAAA, I CAN’T FIND MY CALCULATOR.”

Mom finds it in a completely different place that you didn’t even know existed.

"WAIT! Wear Your Monkey Cap"

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Temperature Outside : 25

Temperature Inside(In the A/C) : 18

Mom : It’s so cold

Me : Bye mom, I’m going out with friends”

Mom : WAIT!!! wear a sweater, it’s so cold

Me : But mo…

Mom : Didn’t you hear me?

Me : 🙁

"Beta, Rishta Aaya Hai"

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16 year old Me : Mom, I won the best all-rounder prize

Mom : Great but when are you getting married?

25 year old Me : Mom, i won the best employee award!!

Mom : Congrats, but beta, shaadi?

32 year old Me : Mom, we had a baby boy

Mom : But beta….Ohh wait

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