Suyash Kumar

Suyash Kumar MBA in Marketing from @Schulich_MBA. Bit of a history buff. Gadget freak. Love writing and Satire.
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  • Canine Chaos - A Biting Tale Of Anxiety

    An Anxiety Disorder is a horrible thing to experience. According to the latest estimates released by the WHO, a whooping 264 million people are living with anxiety in the world. Out of these, 38 million sufferers are from India alone. Societal stigma against mental health issues in India, usually keeps the sufferers from seeking professional help, and if one does get help, people usually apply the tag of “Paagal”(Mad) to them. YourDOST, an online therapy platform, based out of India, created this terrific mini comic, in the style of Sin City, depicting what an anxiety attack feels like. Have a look.

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