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    Here Are 20 Movies You Should Watch To Help Boost Your Mood

    Feel-good films that’ll inspire you and your loved ones.

    1. The Princess Bride

    20th Century Fox

    This classic is based on the novel by William Goldman. You might recognize Robin Wright from House of Cards and Mandy Patinkin from Homeland. It also features WWE Hall of Famer, André the Giant. It's a fairytale that will live forever and celebrates the distinct relationship between children and their grandparents.

    2. It's a Wonderful Life

    RKO Radio Pictures

    Frank Capra's classic is one of the greatest films to have been made. It has a timeless quality to it. With one of the greatest endings of all time, if this film can't cheer you up, I doubt anything will.

    3. Up


    It might have the most devastating opening to any Pixar movie to date, but it's held together beautifully by Michael Giacchino's composition of "Married Life." This is also the very reason why you can't help but feel uplifted by the rest of the movie.

    4. Notting Hill

    Universal Pictures

    Julia Roberts was much like her character when this movie was released in 1999. She caught hold of everyone's heart with her alluring smile in the '90s. Her co-star, Hugh Grant, had also captivated audiences with his reserved charm but no one could've expected the two to share such spellbinding chemistry on screen.

    5. The Help

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Based on the 2009 novel by Kathryn Stockett, this film is set up in Jackson, Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement. It has received some criticism, but it still has a healing spirit and moments of great levity. Also, Viola Davis's delivery of "you is kind, you is smart, you is important," is un-forgettable.

    6. Good Will Hunting

    Miramax Films

    There wasn't a chance that a Robin Williams film wouldn't be on this list. As we still grieve his tragic passing, no other film allowed his acting talents and range of emotions to be on full display like Good Will Hunting. The film brought fame to the duo of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. This inspiring tale about a troubled genius reminds us why we need to leave some things behind to move on to a better life.

    7. Cinema Paradiso

    Miramax Films

    There isn't a film that celebrates the beautiful towns of Italy and its people better than Cinema Paradiso. Italian cinema has given us so many great films, but none more heart-warming than this story of the relationship shared between Alfredo and young Salvatore.

    8. Shakespeare in Love

    Miramax Films/ Universal Pictures

    Before the great bard got the idea for his greatest tragedy, he was entangled in a star-crossed romance himself. This fictional depiction of a brief period in William Shakespeare's life won many controversial accolades and elevated Gwyneth Paltrow to stardom. However, it belongs in this list as it reminds us that it's fine "that dreamers often lie."

    9. Amélie

    UGC-Fox Distribution

    This film made Audrey Tautou a celebrity overnight. This fabulous tale of an adorably shy waitress is about her seeking to help those around her in the streets of contemporary Paris. She has to cope with isolation due to a heart-defect, but her imagination doesn't allow her to get bogged down as she magically soars on her way to find happiness

    10. About Time

    Universal Pictures

    Domhnall Gleeson travels through time to seek the woman of his dreams after learning of a secret that's been running in his family for generations. Like all Richard Curtis movies, you come out feeling more appreciative of the time we have.

    11. Spiderman: Into The Spider-verse


    This passing of the baton from Peter Parker to Miles Morales was an entirely new take on the story we all know. It gets exponentially better with the introduction of some very interesting characters and unique animation. Miles is very easily relatable and gives gravitas to the idea of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

    12. Matilda

    TriStar Pictures

    Matilda is a supremely kind and smart child despite her abhorring surroundings. With the help of the lovely Miss Honey, she finds a way to use her telekinetic abilities to navigate through an oppressive childhood and its many villainous adults. It's a most thoroughly enjoyable movie for all ages.

    13. The Royal Tenenbaums

    Buena Vista Pictures

    Wes Anderson is no longer your Tumblr-loving friend's favorite director. His unique aesthetic is now well-known outside of the film world. You'll leave this film with a real appreciation for how Anderson manages to turn macabre into the whimsical.

    14. Paddington


    This marmalade-loving bear is a picture of innocence. His mild demeanor is juxtaposed with his mischievous personality, which makes for two very entertaining films. Like Paddington himself, this film will leave you with a warm and fuzzy sensation.

    15. Captain Fantastic

    Bleecker Street

    Captain Fantastic is another movie with themes of isolation, but in this case though, it has been self-imposed, and this family of wanderers is forced to reintegrate into society.

    16. The Intouchables

    Gaumont/ The Weinstein Company

    It was so good that Hollywood decided to have a remake of this French film about a cross-cultural friendship between a quadriplegic aristocrat and a street-smart ex-convict, who is hired as his caretaker. We all carry our handicaps and we might never completely own them. This film, based loosely on a true story, offers hope to those still in doubt and reminds us that we cannot wallow in our own sorrows.

    17. The Green Mile

    Warner Bros.

    It doesn't quite fall into the feel-good category like Frank Darabont's other Stephen King adaptation does, but has there ever been a character more sympathetic and emotionally powerful than the late Michael Clarke Duncan's John Coffey? I very much doubt it.

    18. Stand By Me

    Columbia Pictures

    This Stephen King adaptation hits home for the power of youthful innocence and nostalgia like no other movie. We can also pay tribute to Joaquin Phoenix's late brother River Phoenix who plays the memorable role of Chris.

    19. Groundhog Day

    Columbia Pictures

    Murray's character is actually quite cynical, but it's also the very reason why we end up appreciating the film that much more. Days like this can feel a bit like Groundhog Day, but we must hold onto hope that it'll come out good.

    20. Little Miss Sunshine

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    Little Miss Sunshine is a delightful film about a dysfunctional family. A groundbreaking success for independent films, Little Miss Sunshine showcases just how frustrating family life can be but also celebrates what a unique relationship it is and how our families know us the best.