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Top 8 Audio Clips From The World At One In 2013

We have around 1.5 million listeners on the radio each day, but which of our audio clips on Audioboo and the Radio 4 website have been most clicked on by listeners over the past year?

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1. "I saw no reason not to destroy this material ourselves rather than hand it back to the government."

In August Martha Kearney interviewed Guardian Editor, Alan Rusbridger, about why they'd destroyed computers containing information from Edward Snowden and the detention of David Miranda, the partner of Glenn Greenwald.

2. "The concept and the ethos of the Lions is beginning to slip"

A rare foray into sports journalism on WATO as the Lions legend Willie John McBride talks to Martha about the dropping of Brian O'Driscoll.

3. "It is about issues of national security"

It's the Edward Snowden affair again as Martha interviews the Home Secretary, Theresa May, about criticism of the detention of David Miranda.

4. "You don't understand, Martha!"

Martha interviewed the Labour Leader Ed Miliband in advance of May's local elections. Ed Miliband admitted the following day that this interview had gone 'not so well.'

5. "I have difficulty knowing what we stand for now"

World at One reporter, Becky Milligan, interviewed George Mudie, the first Labour MP to express unease about the performance of his party.

6. How much benefit money is claimed fraudulently?

An interesting interview with Bobby Duffy from pollsters IPSOS Mori about how public opinion is wrong on key social issues such as crime, benefit fraud and immigration

7. Google boss on driverless cars, Glass and technological change

Martha interviewed Eric Schmidt, the Chairman of Google in April. We also spoke to him about his company's tax bill

8. It's a Jeffrey/George Osborne mash-up

Inspired by the revelation that President Obama called the Chancellor "Jeffrey", our Studio Director Lee Wilson produced this mash-up which was even featured by Buzzfeed.

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