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The 9 Most Retweeted Front Pages Of August 2015

For the last few years - either my BBC colleague Neil Henderson or I have posted the front and back pages of the UK papers each night using the hashtag #tomorrowspaperstoday. These were the most-re-tweeted this month.

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1. Australia all out for 60 - It’s Pomicide

A collection of Australian Papers #tomorrowspaperstoday

I know it’s cheating (there’s more than one front page and they’re not from the UK) but this tweet tops this month’s list by a long way. Here’s the Sydney Morning Herald’s Pomicide story by Jesse Hogan.

2. Daily Mirror’s World Exclusive with allegations of abuse by Sir Edward Heath

Tuesday's Daily Mirror: Exclusive - Prime Minister Ted Heath raped me when I was 12 #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

Read Russell Myers' report in the Daily Mirror

3. There’s an outcry as the Prime Minister is accused of ‘stacking’ Lords with cronies

Friday's Independent front page: The honours that shame Britain #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

Read Oliver Wright’s report in The Independent

4. A World Exclusive in the Sunday Express that German forward Thomas Muller wants to join Manchester United

Sunday Express back page: Muller wants to join United #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers #mufc #FCBayern

Read John Richardson’s report in the Sunday Express

5. Daily Record splash on a JobCentre Plus whistleblower

Wednesday's Daily Record: Scandalous truth about jobcentreplus #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

Read Keith McLeod’s report in the Daily Record

6. Jeremy Corbyn tells The Guardian he’ll issue a public apology for the Iraq War if he wins the leadership

Friday's Guardian front page - Corbyn: if I become leader, Labour will apologise over Iraq #tomorrowspaperstoday

Read Ewen Macaskill’s report in The Guardian

7. Top economists make public their support for Jeremy Corbyn in a letter to The Obsever

OBSERVER: Corbyn wins economists' backing for radical plan #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

Read Daniel Boffey’s report in The Observer

8. Daily Record backs Jeremy Corbyn

Wednesday's Daily Record: It's got to be Corbyn #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

9. It’s Jeremy Corbyn again — this time Lord Mandelson’s ‘plot’ to try to stop him winning

TELEGRAPH: Mandelson secret plot to scupper Corbyn #tomorrowspaperstoday #BBCPapers

Read Christopher Hope’s story in The Telegraph

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