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10 Tips For A More Sustainable Spring Break

When the focus is on fun, it's easy to forget to live sustainably! Here are a few tips to have an amazing time while keeping the environment in mind.

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1. Consider your carbon footprint when getting around.

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If you're flying from one destination to another, your largest carbon footprint might be from transportation. Think about eco-friendly ways to get from one place to another. Pack a car full of people or rent a hybrid for the break! Also check out Uber’s latest innovation, uberPOOL.

2. Save energy BEFORE you leave!

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A great way to reduce emissions (and save a little extra money) is by making sure that all appliances are unplugged, AC is off and your blinds are closed. Here's a helpful article on what you should and shouldn't unplug!

3. Consider an alternative spring break.


Spend your week giving back to a local community. UF offers a variety of trips, such as it's transforming affordable housing or working with animal welfare or helping sustainable agriculture! Check out the trips here!

5. Buy local.

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Support the economy you're traveling to and bring back some unique souvenirs. An easy place to start is your local farmers market, like the one we have right here in Gainesville. Sustainable Connections has a great list of why you should buy local while on vacation.

6. Find a green place to stay.

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Keep your eye out for places that are sustainably certified or plan a getaway at one of these lovely sustainable hotels. Also consider home-sharing apps like Airbnb. Check out their article about just how much energy their users are saving by staying in Airbnb's instead of normal hotels.

7. Look for eco-friendly tourist options.

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Think about what activities are having a low impact on the environment. Biking, swimming, canoeing and paddle boarding are all fun activities that aren't straining the environment. Also check out this article by The Guardian for tips on how to be an eco-friendly tourist.

8. Consider a staycation.

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Gainesville and the nearby cities have so much to offer. Sometimes college students forget to enjoy the place they're living in. Look at Gainesville's calendar for any cool events and take a step away from campus to enjoy everything Gainesville has to offer.

9. Think ahead.

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Think about what aspects of your trip can be greener. If you're planning on bringing meals down to the beach, use reusable Tupperware and bring a couple reusable bags for grocery shopping. Get environmentally-friendly sunblock and walk to your destinations when you can!

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