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8 Posts From Around The Globe That Prove Working At BuzzFeed Is A Literal Nightmare

Seriously, what a nightmare. I can't even with these. I give up. Shut it down, turn off the site, let's all go home.

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3. From Germany: 23 Sätze, die Schwarze Frauen nicht mehr hören wollen (23 Things Black Women In Germany Don't Want To Hear Anymore)

As Facebook commenter Mina Guivala said in the comments section: "Ich hab noch nie nen akurateren Post bei Buzzfeed gesehen!" Translation: I've never seen a more accurate post on BuzzFeed!

5. From India: Indians Try American Snacks

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Our very first, awesome videos from India! A edit/video collab -- see if you can spot some of our writers from Mumbai here.