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9 Ways Online Dating Is Different At 18, 25 And 30

Is it weird if you recycle your LinkedIn profile pic?

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1. What apps and sites you're on:

At 18: Tinder.


At 25: Tinder and OkCupid.


At 30: Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, Happn, Bumble, Match, eHarmony...


2. Your profile photo:

At 18: you with your friends, holding a big red cup.

Columbia Records / Via

At 25: you on some kind of ~adventure~, maybe in nature or another country.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

At 30: is it weird if you recycle your LinkedIn profile pic? Yes? OK, let's go with a classy shot from the last wedding you went to.


3. Why you're online:

At 18: to see if your crush is single — and if you'll match.

E! / Via

At 25: you can meet people at parties and bars, but it’s always nice to have more options.

Comedy Central / Via

At 30: literally all your friends are coupled up. And so are all of their friends.

Fox / Via

4. You're mortified to see:

At 18: your teacher.

Fox / Via

At 25: your boss.

NBC / Via

At 30: your employee.

NBC / Via

5. Random blast from the past:

At 18: the person you "went out with" for a week in middle school, now sans braces.


At 25: your first serious someone, and it kind of kills you.

20th Century Fox / Via

At 30: someone you made out with once 10 years ago and haven't thought about since.

CBS / Via

6. What triggers a night of binge-swiping from your couch:

At 18: you're tired of everyone in your school/town.

Fox / Via

At 25: your best single friend just got into a relationship.


At 30: you saw on Facebook that another one of your exes got married, and you're definitely going to die alone.

Fox Searchlight / Via

7. How often you swipe right:

At 18: whenever you think someone's hot.

Comedy Central / Via

At 25: whenever you think someone's hot and they're not posing with a drugged-up tiger.

Paramount Pictures / Via

At 30: only when you can actually imagine meeting them in person.

NBC / Via

8. When you meet up:

At 18: you don't — you're mostly here to rack up matches, then awkwardly ignore them if you run into each other IRL.

HBO / Via

At 25: when you're out with your friends on a Saturday night and your match is at a bar down the street.

Fox / Via

At 30: you set aside free nights in your calendar to meet people. It's like networking: gotta put yourself out there.

HBO / Via

9. Your "how we met" cover story:

At 18: in class.

Paramount Pictures / Via

At 25: at a bar.

Carousel Productions / Via

At 30: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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